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I am mostly idle, thinking about random things from time to time, love to blog, draw real life pictures/ shade with pens, fantasize about Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, watch TV shows for long hours, AR Rahman music lover, open to new things; Fan of Chandler Bing's sarcasms, loves animation etc; Play PC games! 

I am a computer science student currently pursuing MBA in BIM, Trichy..

This blog, as some of my blog's readers know, is versatile. The content differs from post to post.

To know the reason behind the name for this blog (Sure, some may be curious :P), see Here.

If you are new here, then I greet you and welcome you to my blog. Don't forget to give a comment on any of my posts. Comments light me up! Constructive criticism is also welcome. After all I am still in the process of learning.

Different genres and categories are present in the tabs. You can select whatever may interest you.

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You can contact me at : 

Gmail:   akashlibra24@gmail.com

Google+:   Akash

Facebook:   Wait For It



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  1. Good Job akash!!! Good that you write blogs on varied topics unlike who always sticks to philosophy!! :P


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