Saturday, 18 March 2017

WAIT FOR IT! - THE BLOG... moves to Wordpress!

This is a formal post to bid adieu to blogger as WAIT FOR IT! - THE BLOG... is moving to the wordpress platform. It makes a transition with a some what successful blogging experience at blogger after 5 long years during which 140 posts including this one, was successfully posted. The posts ranged from personal experiences to fictional stories to poetry and from issues to even photography. In addition to this, the blog has also been part of several promotions by different brands - Airtel, Apollo, Ebay, Dabur, Tata and so on.

I made a lot of blogger friends - some of which I am still in regular touch. Lately, however, I have not been able to blog as much. I hope that with this transition, I would be back to my blogging ways.

I have already made the transition to wordpress and you can still find my entire archives there. It was good that there was means to export content without any difficulty.

The new link is:

It is a new blog - atleast, I treat it that way symbolically. Do like and share. Posts will be coming soon in that blog.

Stay tuned and Wait For It!

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