Thursday, 2 February 2017

Periya Kovil!

Recently we went on a roadtrip to the Big Temple in Thanjavur, roughly 50 kms from Trichy. This temple is over a thousand years old but the more remarkable thing about it is its symmetry and the fact that it is withstanding the test of time. It still stands majestically opposite the humongous nandi (bull).

Built by the Cholas, the top dome of the temple was carved out of a single granite rock that was transported over a 2-km long ramp by elephants and is said to weigh 80 tons.

The interesting part is here. Despite it being a major Shiva temple, the place has now become more of a sight-seeing place. People aren't restricting with just clicking pictures but also unabashedly taking selfies with the temple. Agreed, the place is now maintained by the Archaeological society of India (ASI). But still, it is interesting that people are changing definitions of worship. Does it signify economic prosperity? I leave it to you. However, people must definitely pay a visit to this outstanding monument.

I captured this picture in mobile in HDR mode and tried my hands at editing a little. It didn't disappoint. :)


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