Friday, 20 January 2017

Brand Rajinikanth in a Pizza!

Trichy is a modest city that has its own culture, history and eateries. Yes, eateries are as much important as the other two. With the Rockfort temple being the star attraction of the city, it is also home to several other old temples, the most notable of which, is the Srirangam temple, which in itself is one of the largest temple complexes in the world. I am yet to visit that place after 6 months in Trichy.

Last month, we had gotten a day off which is a rarity. So we decided to make the best use of it. After visiting the magnificent Rockfort, we were thinking where to go for dinner. That was when we remembered the new happening place – ‘Superstar Pizza’ – a pizza restaurant running on the brand Rajinikanth.

Everything from the banner to the menu to the interiors had the Rajinikanth effect to it. The walls were covered with different colourful posters of Rajini’s movies such as Kabali, Thillu Mullu etc; One side of the wall had numerous frames with famous dialogues of the superstar including a minimalist picture referencing the movie. The menu cards themselves were a tribute to Rajini. Each dish’s name was in some way a Rajinikanth reference with the description following it. In addition to this, songs from Rajinikanth’s movies played in the background. However, there weren’t any 80s songs playing during the entirety of the dinner. Maybe, the target customers are different. It was simply awesome. Even if someone isn’t aware of Rajini (hypothetical of course), they would love the place. The theme and ambience was outstanding.

Now coming to the food, the restaurant’s menu ranged from pizzas to pastas. The dishes were a little bit on the expensive side. As far as pizzas were concerned, it was good but nothing out of the ordinary. I tried the chicken cheese burger that turned out to be a delicious experience. Even the pastas including aglio-e-olio were just fine. The overall experience was good. This is a place where Rajini’s fans cinema lovers can visit. I’d say this is a really good themed restaurant.

Tamilnadu is known for its love for cinema of which Rajinikanth is like God as Sachin is for cricket. Superstar Pizza is one more reason to celebrate the superstar and cinema itself.

Only after two days I came to know that Superstar Pizza is also in Chennai and that the Trichy outlet is the second one. 


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