Thursday, 1 September 2016

The City Of Destiny!


Two months back, I had gone to Vizag on account of helping my brother shift into new house owing to his posting. This was the first time I had visited a place in Andhra apart from Tirupathi. Therefore I was excited about the trip. As the plane was about to land in Vizag airport, I tried to catch a glimpse of the landscape.  My initial impression was that of a serene city-town along a rugged coastline. The airport runway was a little dusty. We boarded the pre-arranged taxi and it rolled out onto the streets. I have never before seen clean streets consistently one after the other. But then I was told that the core city area is like any other Indian city. I found that Vizag is a beautiful city, surrounded by several small green hills including the famous kailasagiri and bordered by the sea. My brother was able to find an apartment within walkable distance from the beach. It was in such a way that three sides of the house was facing the beach. Wind was constantly blowing from the sea during the day that one needn’t need any fan or even air conditioner. However, at night it was a very different story.

Sea View!
Since we were all bogged down by the task of setting up the new house, we were not able to venture out much. Still, I managed to do a little shopping for myself in Vizag CMR. One night for dinner, we went to the Dolphin, an old, quaint hotel that even had a small troupe playing while eating.  One afternoon, we went north of Vizag for like 12-15 kms and ordered a takeaway of biryani and fish fry from a small but crowded, seaside cottage inn called the Raju Gaari Dhaba. Biryani, being one of my favourite dishes, this one didn’t disappoint me. A lot of spices were being used and the aroma was heavenly. It didn’t come as a surprise, considering that Andhra cuisine is generally spicy. The food experience overall exceeded expectations except Sambhar. Jaggery is added even here but it wasn’t as much as that in Bangalore.

My brother’s house, being close to the beach, we were often able to take long walks alongside the beach. It was soothing. Marina Beach in Chennai is very far and therefore we go there rarely. Sometimes we’d go beyond the Kursura Submarine Museum. The Kursura Submarine is an impressive structure. The cost of removing it out of water and moving to its present place itself was huge. I think it was a novel way to bring awareness about the country’s defence in those days.



Shiva Parvathi!
That Coastline!

On the penultimate day, we all went to Kailasagiri hill park. Like Hollywood, the word Kailasagiri was placed dramatically by the letter. One can go up the hill either by ropecar or by walk. We chose the ropecar. The view from the air and atop the hill was astounding. It provided ample opportunities to click snaps. We all chose to go around the hill by the toy train. Since the train went slow, we were able to enjoy the view to our heart's content. Especially the view of the jagged coastline. At the center of the hill was a big statue of Shiva and Parvathi in white. We also saw two horses with which people can take small rides or simply take snaps. Like any other tourist spot, Kailsagiri too had small shops. On the last night we went for shopping in an exclusive shopping arena nearby the Vizag central.

Vizag proved to be a subtly busy city-town with good beaches and surroundings. It could be termed as a quasi city, because of the atmosphere is generally at odds with other major Indian cities. 

P.S: I have not been available in the blogosphere for almost two months now, owing to my rigorous study schedule. Considering that, I have decided to post atleast once a month. 

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