Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Zuka Experience!

On my recent visit to Pondicherry to visit some friends, my cousin had excitedly recommended to try this place called Zuka Choco-La. Located in a corner of MG street, the place is not easily visible at the first glance. Also parking is a little bit of a hassle, especially if you are coming by car. Nevertheless, all this is more than compensated once you experience Zuka!

The entire place is very small even by bakery standards and can hardly seat 12 people inside. The place looked like any other cake shop but the ceiling was full of colourful butterflies stuck on it, giving a lovely feel. The difference between this shop and others is the items on display. Cakes and Chocolates were put on display and one cannot help shifting eyes from item to item. Each and every item was as if it was prepared in Heaven. The very presentation was absolute bliss. If only I had more money, I could have tried every cake there :P. Even the names of the cakes were tantalising. Some of them were Godfather chocolate lava cake, Moksha etc.


Chocolate Something!

Coffee Mist!

Hot Chocolate!

The hot chocolate had a chocolate spoon with it that made it all the more alluring. Of all these Moksha was the highlight. It was as if we are attaining moksha (salvation). It was too perfect to be true. You have to experience it. Unfortunately on both the occasions (yes, I was determined to visit the shop the next day also), Godfather chocolate lava cakes were sold :(

On the bright side, Zuka has a branch in Chennai too :D. One must definitely check out this cafe if they are to visit Pondicherry!


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