Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Bangalore Day!

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Bangalore for a relative's wedding. The city has always been a welcome respite from the Chennai heat. However this time, the experience proved to be a nightmare. The transportation system here is a mess and the pollution is alarming.

The marriage ceremony was conducted in a beautiful temple. As I was roaming the temple premises on that chilly morning, I glanced upwards. A flock of birds was flying above the gopuram in a circular pattern. My attention caught immediately, I captured this picture.

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P.S: Amid all the nasty, controversial things that has been happening for over a year, let us all remember that on this day 66 years before, India proudly declared herself as a secular republic. The unification of this country despite diverse religions and languages should make other uninteresting (having one main language or one main religion) countries jealous.


  1. I think Chennai is far better in terms of pollution, no?

    1. Yea absolutely..Chennai is far better than Bangalore

  2. Bangalore traffic is sure terrible.. But the weather is always welcoming.


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