Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Final Film!

A white screen appeared in the blackness that surrounded him. Someone had put it specially for him. To watch his own special film. But it hardly lasted for ten seconds.

There was his mother singing a lullaby to make him sleep.

Now it was her kissing him on the cheeks bidding him goodbye before school.

There was his father giving instructions to ride his bicycle.

Now it was his grandfather showing his collection of photos.

There was his grandmother making hot paranthas.

Now it was his best friend copying from him during exam.

There was his first crush turning back at him, smiling.

Now he was looking at the most beautiful woman in the world, his wife, tying the knot.

There was his cute baby girl, sitting on his stomach, pulling his cheeks.

Now it was his teenage daughter hugging him tightly on graduation day.

There were his close friends gleaming and chatting with him during travel.

There was his marvellous wife who made him his favourite dish after a tough day at work.

There was his group of close ones - family and friends who gave him a surprise party on his 60th birthday.

There was his wife kissing him passionately.

All the above happy images flickered past him in milli seconds, His whole life in seconds.

The film turned to blackness abruptly.

Void! Static! Null!


It is said that the brain remains active for around ten seconds after a person dies. No one knows what the brain thinks in those few seconds. Just as in the miracle of birth, where a person is born - I like to imagine a miracle of death - where the brain would automatically collect all the happy moments and memories of a person's life and display it to the person, as soon as his heart stops beating.

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  1. oh sad.. this is beautifully written, Akash. well done. :)


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