Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Somras Rejuvenated!

It was the year 2154 A.D. The earth has suffered a biological disaster wherein the world has turned morbid. About three fourth of the total population have turned into zombies aka the living dead and the numbers are increasing by the day. Whole countries were decimated, governments collapsed and economies disintegrated. There was no such thing as law and order. The survivors left were exposed to a life that was dangerous and one that demanded to be vigilant at all times. Families lost their dear ones - wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, children etc and new families of survivors were formed that remained closely knit.

Anyone that was bitten or killed by the living dead turned into another zombie. So danger was present in the air at all times. Over time, the survivors learnt the dos and don'ts when they encountered a zombie such as, one of them can be truly killed only with a headshot and no where else.

India was no exception to this deadly disease. Infact it was the most affected. What was once the most populous democracy in the world was reduced to a population that lived in a city. Hardly a tenth of a billion were surviving in India now. The people lived in packs. Even with all the scientific advancements, there seemed to be no cure for this.

It was at this point when the action of one man changed the course of history of the world for good. Shiva and his family of ten were one of the packs that were constantly moving from place to place. Each place they stayed, was safe only for a week or a two. The zombies were too many, considering the population of India. It was like they were omnipresent and therefore hard to find a safe and secluded place. Shiva and his family had travelled across states from the south in a north easterly direction. After months, they reached Bengal. This state, too like other states wore a pathetic look. Zombies were roaming everywhere.

On the 5th of June, Shiva's group reached a dilapidated manufacturing facility. There was no board outside. Only when they went inside, they realised it was one of those Dabur manufacturing facilities. Quietly but alertly, they passed through the entrance. Surprisingly all around them, the zombies were already dead. And there is no chance of one stumbling here, given its secluded location. However a few zombies were present inside. Apparently they were the scientists of the facility. All had turned. They soon found out that there was one man still alive, truly alive as a human.

"Who are you? What do you want?", asked the young man afraid, pointing a rifle at them.

"Calm down, we are not here to hurt you. We just came by this place and thought this would be good for steering clear of the zombies. How the hell did you manage to stay alive for this long? We saw many scientists who had turned.", asked Shiva.

"Well, I'm not a scientist but one of the guards. This place was overrun by zombies four months ago. But I managed to escape.", said the guard.

"But how did you survive? I mean there is no food here. This is just a Dabur manufacturing facility".

Moments of silence.

"Get out!", the guard suddenly screamed and ran for the door of his room quickly.

But he was not quick enough. Shiva instinctively blocked the door and drew his axe and knife, placing one at the neck and the other at the abdomen, ready to stab.

"Answer me, now", Shiva said in an unnerving tone.

"Alright, alright!!", the guard said breathing hard. "But please don't kill me."

Shiva waited.

"I was also bit by one of the zombies when the place was overrun. But I managed to kill it and locked myself in this room. I knew it was a matter of time for myself to turn into one of them. But I didn't want to get eaten by them. I wanted to kill myself, for I was getting weaker by the moment and my body was becoming hot like a furnace. But I was afraid to kill myself. So I waited. Suddenly my eyes fell on Dabur Chyawanprash tins all around me in the shelves, stacked. Unable to bear the temperature, I thought . . .maybe by having some of it. . . atleast my temperature could be brought down. . .", the man paused.

"Then what happened?", Shiva asked.

"When I had some, I turned back to normal. My fever went down and I stayed alive.This is my food daily for the past four months. Luckily there were more than thousand tins stacked." said the guard.

"What!! Are you serious? How in the world did you know that this was the cure?", asked Shiva shocked.

"Who told I knew? No, I didn't know. None of the scientists knew either. But as soon as I had some, I became normal"

"Do you know the world outside? People are suffering by the day. The whole country is destroyed and you have stayed here alive and done nothing about it.", screamed Shiva.

"How am I supposed to know? I am not a scientist. Also I was afraid to venture out. There are still zombies in the facility. I have been limiting myself to these tins.", said the guard.

"You are one selfish man", said Shiva in disgust, running inside.

"What are you doing??!!", said the guard, his eyes wide.

And thus Shiva and his group successfully found the ingredients and the methodology to make the Chyawanprash, after killing the remaining zombies in the facility. They soon started to manufacture and spread word about the Chyawanprash. People flocked to supermarkets and gorged on the remaining bottles. Shiva also found astonishing results with the chyawanprash, Not only did it cure the disease but somehow it made the person go back to his youth.

The world was restored by the chyawanprash and the deaths came to a still. The zombies were eliminated gradually and the earth resumed its natural state.

This post was written for the Indiblogger happy hours contest given by Dabur .

Monday, 19 January 2015

Take Care!

According to,

“A pimple is a small pustule or papule. Pimples are small skin lesions or inflammations of the skin - they are sebaceous glands (oil glands) which are infected with bacteria, swell up, and then fill up with pus.”

Pimples are as scary looking as the definition above. In simple terms, pimples are a small protrusion that appears on different parts of human skin. There are two main reasons for pimples sprouting up in one’s face – the first being due to the hormonal changes that the body undergoes during the teen years and the second owing to the oily, junk food that we gorge on. 

Both men and women get pimples – but the degree varies with the person. While some look like leprosy patients, others have just one or two pimples in random locations that is not perceptible. I myself had a  not-so-good experience with respect to pimples. I was first introduced to the word by a school mate who was a friendly bully. It was during 9th grade, if I remember correctly.

One fine day, he said, “Yendha Ponna Da Sight Adikara?”, (Which girl are you checking out, dude?) with a loud voice and a wide grin, that turned the other boys’ attention towards me.

So I was drawn to a conclusion that maybe if a boy checks out a hot girl, he gets pimples. Did it work vice versa too? But I did not check out girls, at least not those days. Only later I came to know (after Reproduction chapter was taught in the Biology class, which was always filled with giggles) that pimples are a result of the hormonal changes and the excessive oil production.

These pimples caused a lot of nuisances directly and indirectly. It would have been okay, if they were present in one or two places. But no, for me, it was all over the face. And they had a colour too. Shocking red. I looked like a chronic diseased patient. And they were a pain in the face literally and figuratively. These pimples also kept changing places and in numbers. They were aplenty during the quintessential Chennai summer season and minimal during the pleasant winter.

One problem was sleeping. I like sleeping on the side but these pimples, if came in contact with an object, the result was excruciating pain, thus snatching away my preference.

Even the basic things like cupping your face and resting the hands on the table during class hours; washing your face were painful. Many a time the liquid inside bursts out in a very embarrassing way.

There was then the increasing self consciousness (for a certain period) with respect to physical appearance while taking pictures or making oneself presentable. These pimples were in the way of gaining a respectable rating.  

Every boy and girl has a “cuteness” era where whatever he/she says is taken lightly even if it is outrageous. In my case, it extended well almost till the end of 9th grade. After that it was met with frowns and criticism all of a sudden. :O There are some irritating relatives whose way of showing adoration is by clutching the cheeks with two fingers like a plier. I really wanted to punch those people on many occasions.

The polluted atmosphere of the city while travelling adds to the problem. Dust and sweat further fasten the growth of these pimples. So it is almost impossible to remove these for even one day.

Over the years I have tried different face washes, creams, home remedies to reduce them. But in futility. These creams were not at all effective and more often than not, seem to worsen the situation. And many of these products had a very heavy smell which was all the more deceiving. The attractive packaging, graphics and advertisements are just a sham, I would say.

The spurt of pimples stopped after some odd 4-5 years though the occasional one or two came back to give attendance. The skin texture became much more refined and glowing after I started having a glass of ABC daily morning in empty stomach. But all is not well still. I still crave for crispy, fried, spicy, crunchy, cheesy and oily foods. Also often, I tend to forget to drink water unless I felt real thirsty. As a result these pimples appear suddenly, surprising me.

When I first saw this contest on Indi, I was a little sceptical, assuming it was a women use only product, what with Alia Bhatt endorsing it. But then after a little bit of googling, I found that it is a unisex product.

I won’t deny that I’m writing this post for promoting Garnier and aiming for at least a flipkart voucher. But that’s not the only reason. I have never tried a Garnier face wash although I have used their shampoos which did not disappoint. I have used Himalaya, Clean and Clear and Nivea previously none of which were benefitting in the long term. Also I heard that most of the ingredients were natural. Therefore I decided to try it for myself and review it. 

These are my views on Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash after seven days of usage once in the morning and once in the evening.

The semi-gel liquid is a lime green in colour that gives off a very mild, pleasant neem smell. That is a positive hunch in my opinion, considering the heavy perfume like smells of other brands but with poor results.

I noticed that after rinsing my face, I felt a cool freshness that was energising. The coolness lasts for over an hour.

I also noticed that this face wash removes excess oil from the skin and remains that way for well over six- seven hours. That is a very good thing for me. An oily face gives an impression of a dull face.

What is Comedogenic?

Comedogenic is a new adjective I learnt. :P It describes a substance that tends to cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin.

Most of the other face washes come with multiple comedogenic ingredients which usually trigger the growth of pimples. But in the case of Garnier, there is only such ingredient- Sodium Laureth Sulphate – that too a very mild one. So this face wash is mostly non-comedogenic which at least will not cause more pimples. That is again a positive.

After the second day of usage, I noticed that the skin texture became more even and smooth. The few pimples that were present had almost disappeared, at least visibly. The few blackheads that were there were also vanishing gradually.

Overall this product is a good buy – given the very much affordable price.

Friday, 16 January 2015


How do I even start for this one? Can a girl ever be defined exactly? There is so much to being a girl than what meets the eye is just the tip of an iceberg. She is so busy being herself, being a part of the so called weaker sex, that the world at large neither can, nor will be, able to predict, let alone interpret what is going on in her mind. And let us for once divert all the attention from the male community. The society has never truly understood women and has its own opinion about them in every coordinate of space and time humans can think of or even imagine. So here I am to share the story of how I am not the archetypal girl but still, enjoy the perks of being one.

                I am the typical middle class girl, currently studying (and I say ‘studying’ cause I don’t think I’ll ever be able to whole heartedly ‘pursue’), engineering. Hailing from a family that doesn’t give much freedom to girl children, I am lucky enough to have got a rebel as my mother. But on the contrary she does possess certain qualities that makes her the typical parent of today. I was six when mom got me enrolled for classes in Bharatanatyam, and thanks to her, since then, it is the one thing that brings out the real me. Though I might not look like the typical dancer with a slender frame and long lashes, I hardly ever get tired with this dance form that I completely adore. If most girls out there, of my age, like to hit the dance floor at some club with disco lightings to let themselves loose, I prefer to tie up my dance anklets and move my legs, hands, neck and eyes to some random jathi sung by a seasoned carnatic musician.

                And unlike any classical dancer out there, my characteristics too don’t match with theirs. The grace and beauty might just surface when I’m performing, but in any day with a clear sky, I’m the girl who plays street cricket with her brothers. Neither is there much of a chance for girl who grew up with four brothers. A crazy cricket fan, who jumped out of the sofa and ran the whole street with her brother when India won the world cup (Oh… I’m already excited for the second week of February), the tag of being a girl just doesn’t bother me. People are always pointing out my straight forwardness, and plain speaking habits which surprises me given that we are already in the 21st century.

                Though I might have a part in me that is not exactly girly, I do possess another part in me that is the typical girl. The fantasies of a never ending walk in wardrobe, parlour appointments once in every two weeks, and owning a collection of the best novels, have crossed my mind too. Jumping on puddles of water during the rain, cooking dinner for the family, draping a sari all by myself, drawing rangoli during occasions, fighting with my brother for the TV remote and leading the neighbourhood kids’ wolf pack while playing crazy pranks on fellow colony mates even when I am twice their age, gives me happiness that I guess I would have never enjoyed if I was born a boy.  I am proud to be a crazy sister, a loyal friend, a passionate dancer, a grateful daughter, a mischievous prankster, a terrible cook, a bespectacled nerd, a typical Tamil ponnu and most important of all, an awesome Girl.


This post too was written by my school friend.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


“It was the year 1990. the only two storeyed building in the entire village was decked up like, a bride, and why not? The Man of the house was getting his favourite daughter married. The fifth of his six children. The smartest, the humblest and best of all the most giving. He hadn’t wanted to experience this day. The day he would give her hand to the guy he had chosen for her. He had had second thoughts about the man he had chosen for his precious daughter. Little did he know that some months down the line the son in law would become more like a son, and an extremely good one at that .They had the perfect marriage, one that was envied by most people around them. The husband was successful, handsome, and possessed a job that helped the couple run the family real smooth. The wife on the other hand was no way less. She was beautiful, bold and adapted to her surroundings with ease. The wife had experienced city life for the first time after her marriage and though it had freaked her out initially, he taught her all that she would need to cope with the new lifestyle. Soon they proved that they were the best parents ever. They gave their kids all they were able to. The father was their super hero and their mother was this angel who never seemed to get tired of their antics. It always seemed like all the happiness was here to stay, until that fateful night.”
 This was how my Grandpa summed up the seven years of my parents’ marriage. I was just two when my dad passed away in a tragic car accident in the year 1997. I was to join school the next month and my brother was to enter his primary school. The incident had left us all shocked and the one who had been hit the most was my mother. A month or two later, when all of us were returning back to normal, my Grandpa had asked this one question. He asked my mom if she would like to go back to the village with her children and stay at her parents’ home. It was a question that needed to be well thought but my mother thought the opposite. It is still a fresh memory, an instant reply, it left my Grandfather gaping. She had denied his offer. She chose to stay away from her parents for their own and her kids’ good. She had felt that the city would only do good for her family rather than the reverse. That was the moment she chose to be the daughter and the Mother.

Years passed, my mother got a job for herself at dad’s workplace. Though it didn’t pay her much it was sufficient to fulfil the needs of a family of three. Work was stressful and she had a difficult time coping with her seniors, but then she would think of her kids who would be waiting for her at home. Their smiling faces would encourage her to perform better. She chose to be the mother and the Employee, though she still thinks that her job is not the right one for her.

We had grown up quite a bit when I was learning to ride the bicycle. I was doing my fourth grade while my brother was in his seventh. I had not stepped on a pedal of any bicycle before. My brother was trying his best to keep me from falling when my mother sprang into action. She held the back of the bike and whispered something into my ear, “I’m here”. Those words stayed with me until I had ridden the cycle for a considerable distance. Indian movies and almost all commercials on our television screens give hope to little girls that their fathers are the ones who would teach them their first lessons, be it riding a bike or the first problem in math. I was no different. That day I knew, I was one lucky girl to have both the father and the mother in one single person. She was my mother, my father, my well wisher, my enemy and most of all my friend. The story of my mother might be the story of many a woman in this vast world of ours. Each one of them is an inspiration. 

Bringing up kids single-handedly is an onerous task and I’m proud of my mother for being all that she is. Sometimes the caring soul, sometimes the bold fighter, sometimes the crazy teenager, sometimes the wise woman, and many a time the funny friend . . . my mother chose to be a daughter, a wife, a father, a guide, and a warrior.


The above inspiring post, a true story, was written by my school friend and not me.

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Friday, 9 January 2015


The new Tata Bolt which is set to launch shortly this month, has been making waves at malls all over the country. The car which is based on the X1 platform, has been on display in 2-3 different places in Chennai itself. The day turned out to be lucky when Blogadda announced this contest. Tata has come up with a very good yet subtle way of promoting their new car. Bloggers! :) I was more than happy to do this for two reasons - one for the assured prizes they give away for those of us who just blog about the car and its amazing features within this price point. The best blogpost also wins a Bolt. The second reason is Tata, being an Indian company. it is a good thing to promote Indian cars by ourselves.

Me with the Bolt in Forum mall

Some of the features that are to my liking were:-

The Design:

The design of the new Tata Bolt was the thing that fascinated me the most. As you can see from the pictures, though it does retain the old design of the Vista, this car has got a more aggressive front and back. The chrome grill in the front looks very premium. I thought the curve of this car is more appealing than the old Tata hatchbacks. The styling on the doors,back and the lights are more well-defined and gives the appearance of a rugged car.

Infotainment System By Harman:

The Bolt has a touchscreen infotainment system by Harman which proves to be of help in alien places while also providing for entertainment. It assists us in driving with unique connectivity features such as smart phone enabled navigation from MapMyIndia and advanced voice command recognition. That is cool right . . .at this price. Imagine the features of the Motorola Moto X inside a car. It can also read out SMS. The audio systems present are usually found in high end cars like Mercedes and Jaguar.

The New Engine:

The Tata Bolt comes with the 1.2 litre Revotron engine that produces 84 BHP. Developed by Tata with inputs from global players such as AVL, Bosch, INA etc, this enigine delivers class leading performance. Th Revotron has been developed to deliver optimal performance and power while also providing driving pleasure and comfortability. The diesel variant will be the tried and tested Quadrajet diesel motor that churns out 73 BHP.

Different Modes For Different Speed:

The Bolt has three different modes for cruising in variable speeds namely Eco, City, Sport. While Eco is used for increasing fuel efficiency and City for cruising meticulously in the bustling city's roads and narrow lanes, Sport is for the powerful driving needed when cruising on the highways.

The Interiors:

The seats looks comfy and there are a total of eight speakers, with power windows, bluetooth and usb and central locking system. There is also a feature of speed dependent volume control. The presence of dual front airbags surprised me, as I assumed there won't be any definitely. The interiors look spacious and the rear side can seat 3 adults or 4 young children comfortably.

Overall, the Tata Bolt is a car that screams ferocious and rugged and cool with one word - that is the Bolt! It comes packed with luxurious features at an affordable price point. That is the thing that lures me most. Tata has come up with innovate ways to promote this car and create awareness about their new engine - the Revotron. One can take a photo with a virtual image of Narain Karthikeyan and it automatically gets uploaded to Facebook. The virtual image also goes on to talk about the special features of the car especially the new Engine.

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