Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tour of Kerala!

These are some of the pictures I captured while on a recent tour to Kerala, lasting around 4 nights, along with my batch mates of the Computer Science department. We visited a number of places such as Cochin, Munnar, Alleppey etc.

This was before a boat ride on Cochin's Backwaters. Students rocked the boat
 literally and figuratively by dancing to peppy and upbeat numbers.

Cochin's Coastline dotted with numerous boats.

Kochi's Harbor

A massive and long Cargo Container Ship

Mid-Size Skyscrapers from a boat view.

The Awesome Athirapilly Falls. The water was exceptionally fresh and cold.

The view was indeed breathtaking. The photo came botched cause the sun was
setting down that time but you can very well imagine the torrent of water.

This was the view from the balcony of our room in a hotel at Munnar.

A more breathtaking view from my friend's balcony.

The hotel from the undulating road.

Munnar's Scenary never ceases to amaze one

Madupetty Dam, Munnar - a scene

Another view. The previous picture was taken from that platform.

A panoramic view of Echo Point (Munnar). We all called out a
 'go-to-person-to-create-distraction-at-class' friend's name
in chorus and expectedly our voices came back instantly :)

Alleppey - another of thousands of desktop wallapapers. Impeccable Scenary.

We went to many other places such as Wonderla Amusement park in Kochi, Spice Garden in Munnar etc. All the other pictures we captured were mainly selfies, groufies and supposedly candid pictures. We also watched three movies in three days that spared us from the long journeys in bus, that triggered many students to vomit badly. Except for the not-so-good food, the tour was a memorable one with various humorous, cannot-be-revealed-in-public incidents. 


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