Saturday, 6 September 2014

Univercell Sync!

New mobiles and tablets are releasing like movies, every week. There are the flagship mobiles which are the centre of attraction and cost almost a half-a-lakh nowadays. And then there is the mid-range category which is the most popular in the Indian mobile market. Finally there are the low end devices that are generally priced below 7000 Rs. A lot of different ways to buy electronics or anything for that matter have emerged. One can buy a new product offline or online or even a used product from websites such as OLX. Online retailers such as Flipkart are increasingly becoming popular with mobiles such as Moto G for which it is the exclusive retailer. But nothing beats the hands-on experience of mobiles. Window shopping does not provide that luxury. I had bought both my previous mobiles on Flipkart. Although I like them, there are some key issues that bug me to this day. Like for example, my Xperia's camera performance, touted as "best of sony camera expertise", doesn't really live up to it and is plagued by some software issues.

Coming to the topic at hand, the recent visit to Univercell's new concept store called the Sync was a memorable one.

The store in Nungambakkam
This event organised by univercell in association with Indiblogger invited the bloggers of Chennai city. I had turned up right on time, expecting more people would have arrived early. But only two others had come before me. The store manager welcomed me warmly, after taking hold of the invitation. The interiors of the store was bright to my liking with a minimalistic design and curves in furniture. The lighting inside attracted me quickly. The store team headed by a specialist woman gave us a live presentation of their new concept, by going around the store. Their tagline goes by: Experiment, Experience, Excite - and it definitely proved to be so.

The awesome interior
Ten minutes into a presentation, two of my blogger friends joined me. Univercell has divided their showroom into four different, visible sections according to favourable preferences. There is an exclusive section for Camera, Music, Work/play and Popular. In each section, Univercell has displayed the best mobiles that are specially made for that particular purpose. For example, in the work/play section Univercell recommends us buying Nokia Lumia mobiles as it has Windows operating system that comes with the popular office suite; for the best Camera performance, Univercell recommends mobiles such as the Sony Xperia Z2.

The camera section
The store has a photo booth or rather stage, wherein people can take photos from mobiles or tablets and decide for themselves. Univercell also showed us a new kind of product, where the photos that were captured only moments ago can be printed in a small credit-card size card instantaneously by means of NFC (Near-field communication) which did impress us. That device was very small, the size of a memory card reader.

The frame photo (Instagrammed)

Some of us tried taking a photo standing on the small pedestal holding a frame. And voila! Instantly a photo card was printed. It looked like the kind of photo that we like to keep in our wallets. Memories.

The Sony Bluetooth/NFC Speaker
The music section, a separate small room with sliding glass doors, not only has an array of mobiles that are touted to be a music lover's favourites but also had various ranges of musical accessories like speakers, headsets etc that will further enhance the musical experience. Customers can come and sit inside and can decide their own accessories that go well with the phone. By sitting, I mean listening to music inside the room. I spotted the Philips sound shooter speaker, which was really cute with its rubber coating. I also saw a Sony speaker which reminded me of a small handbag cum suitcase. Lol.

Within an hour I was distracted by the new mobiles kept on display and decided to do a little hands-on by myself. I started going around the store, inspecting every other new gadget. Presentation does matter a lot. The walls were plastered with colourful posters with catchy captions to the point. The ambience inside Univercell and the way they have displayed the gadgets makes anyone want to notice every mobile. Each gadget was kept on a angled stand connected to a wire and they were all live, making it easy to handle. There were also detailed specs on a paper under a glass slab. I was particularly impressed by the LG G Flex that had a curved display, the LG G3 (Flagship of LG having 4k display :O) and the HTC Desire 816. Having seen these phones only on online Youtube videos, it was way awesome to see them in real.

The LG G Flex

The HTC Desire 816

The Sony Xperia Z2
The LG G3

I also noticed that the Univercell staff knew the technical details and specs of the gadgets and they knew what they were talking about. So I guarantee that those customers who don't really know about these, are assured of getting the perfect gadget for them.

Univercell staff also explained to us about the total care kit, wherein according to the gadget one has bought, if it suffers any malfunction or failure with a stipulated time period, they provide replacements to for a VERY minimal fee. The total care kit also offers other services like pick up and drop services for mobiles and tablets. They also download apps for the customers.

Univercell sync, true to its name, synchronises the customer's expectations with its vast array of mobiles and accessories to the maximum extent possible. When we had decided to call it a day and had just stepped outside the store, one of the staff came forward and gave us a lunch pack from Saravana Bhavan. Indeed, it was unexpected and such a good gesture :)

All images in this post were captured by me! 


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