Saturday, 9 August 2014

Squirrels In "Love"!

Exams are ongoing and I'm mind-boggled with assignments, tests, practicals etc, what with being in the final year and all. Two days before, as I was having my morning coffee, I came across a rather strange yet cute thing. Every morning my mother would place some food on the top of the backyard wall. Crows and squirrels, mostly and pigeons, rarely would come without fail to eat it. First the crows would come, followed by the squirrels. Sometimes the squirrels would come in the late afternoon or in the early morning to nibble on the remnant food particles. Like this, two mornings before, I saw the usual squirrel nibbling actively on the food. After a few minutes, when I returned to the spot, what I saw shocked me, but it was a hilarious shock. The pictures would tell you why.

Click on the pictures to bring it to full size so that you can believe what you are seeing :P

All the pictures were captured from my Xperia mobile.

I went on to create a photo frame using a photo app and instagrammed it. And believe me, these two love squirrels were even kissing for a few moments but I could not capture that instant. I am still baffled about what they were actually doing, but interpreting from the various pictures leads to the obvious and this is the first time I have seen two squirrels doing it!

What do you think?


  1. lol :D Akash, you should have given them some privacy ;-)

  2. Haha... Timely capture Akash :D
    Let the squirrels be in love ;)


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