Sunday, 23 March 2014

Is It Innocence!

11th ! :D

23rd March, 2014

It was Shriya's 9th birthday. She had a pink-brown complexioned skin with a cute face, that anyone can look at for hours. She still had the little baby habits and the language which made her all the more adorable and people, be it relatives or friends, never failed to shower her with her favourite toys and chocolates, just so that they could get to play/ make her talk with her cute baby language. In short, cute is the word that best describes her. So it was no wonder, her birthdays were always filled with merry, fun and festiveness. All her friends from her school, neighbourhood, her relatives and cousins etc made sure to be present on her birthday. Shriya loved the people who came to her house. Not because she knew them before or something. But because they brought attractive presents and gifts with them.

Therefore it was not a surprise to Nithya, Shriya's mom, when her daughter kept asking her when the party was going to start and who all were coming. She was in this High-voltage cranky mood from the morning and no amount of cajoling or even warning could calm her down. As much as Shriya was excited, Nithya too was determined to make her child's birthday to be truly special. She herself had already bought a gift  after months of thinking and racking her brain. Although, she was apprehensive about whether her daughter will like it or not. To avoid such a situation, she bought a second gift which was more to Shriya's tastes.

The evening seemed to arrive at its own pace and Shriya was growing restless by the minute. Only after the first few guests arrived, did she smile widely for the first time that day. As the clock begin to approach 7:30, more and more guests were arriving. The cute cake was finally cut after Shriya refused to do so initially, since the cake had a picture of herself beaming wide. It was a photo cake. After that, it was presents time. Nithya gave her two presents first. Shriya was over-excited and shaking. The first present turned out to be a box of assorted chocolates including all time favourites such as snickers, milky bars and mars etc. Nithya and the others looked on expectantly as Shriya was unwrapping the second gift from her mother. Shriya's excited face drooped a little bit, her expression changed to curiosity. Inside was a greeting card and beneath it was what appeared to be a black coloured perfume can. Without bothering the greeting card, she began to fiddle with the can. Nithya then asked her to stop and read the card instead. One thing that Shriya was proficient in, was 'reading'. She had already started reading the famous Harry Potter series. Shriya began to read:

Dear Shriya,
Many more happy returns of the day my dear child 
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.
I wish you all the success and I'll be there for you no matter what happens.
May God bless you !

Now coming to this peculiar gift that you see.
This was a gift that I had been thinking for a long time.
It is not a perfume can as you think.
It is a pepper spray canister.
These are dark times in our country.
You must know that, not all people are the same.
There are good people and there are bad people.
There are various kinds of bad people. 
Some steal, some commit murders and some others do other stuff.
It is really not necessary to go into the details.
I want you to be safe, sound and healthy both physically and mentally.
The mechanism and effect of this can is pretty simple. 
Some could be strangers or sometimes well-known people too,
May approach you in an inappropriate manner.
When your heart tells you that you are in trouble, 
Just spray the can on the attacker's face.
And run from the place.
As much as salt is important for human beings,
You very well know that pepper can cause blindness and irritation to the eyes.
Probably this isn't the gift you would have expected. 
But this, I feel, will safeguard and protect you from potential dangers.
God bless you, my cutie pie.
-Your Mummy.

Amidst mixed reactions from the guests, Nithya was looking at her daughter, noticing any positive expressions in her face. Shriya turned to her mother and hugged her tightly. 
"Thank you, mummy", she whispered in her ears. Now Nithya was confused. She expected Shriya would ask her questions. It was as if Shriya understood the seriousness of her message. If she did understood it, does that mean Shriya knew about it earlier which in turn meant, she had already experienced such an instance??!!

Nithya was dumbstruck as she stood there watching her child opening the next present.

For months, she had been wondering if the pepper spray was the right gift to give her daughter now.

But, now it was all the more frightening.

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  1. There was a happy flow to the story in the beginning.. pure innocence of shriya's childhood :) but the end left me shocked!

    1. Welcome to my blog Swathi.... Thank you for the time to read and comment :D

  2. There was a happy flow to the story in the beginning.. pure innocence of shriya's childhood :) but the end left me shocked!

  3. Love the way you started and ended the story. It has a blend of cuteness, innocence, seriousness and grim reality. Congrats for the WoW!

    1. Thank you for the comment Vishal :D keep visiting!

  4. Shriya's mom was too cautious and protective for her little daughter.Yes, all moms are --just the timings they handle the pepper spray differs :)

    1. Yes...mothers are :) Thank you for taking the time to read mam


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