Thursday, 10 October 2013

My Precious!

The last thing I see when I am about to sleep,

The first thing I see when I wake up,

You have filled the depths of my heart deep,

You refresh me like a cup of coffee.

You soothe me!

You mesmerize me!

When I hold you tight,

I feel awesome and heavenly.

And I will get into a fight,

When someone messes with you.

You excite me!

You direct me!

Every moment with you makes me feel alive,

That I want it to last forever.

Your morning call is like a dive,

Into the cold, blue ocean.

You take the breath out of me!

You complete me!

At times you piss me to the end,

With your own problems and glitches.

But I try to revive you and mend,

As I always and will do.

My love!

My precious!

You and I are compatible

In every possible way.

You and I are inseparable,

At any cost.

My own!

My Xperia!

Oh! How I wish I had a person,

Like you for real!

A crazy poem after a long time. Wanted to try one with rhyming. Finally achieved ! :P


  1. this is so cool.. big likes :D

  2. The woman for whom you wrote this should be smiling ear to ear :)

    1. There is no woman as of now....But will be good if such a person exists... :)
      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Very well written :) Expected something of this sort in the end though :P

    Just hope the girl whom you wrote this for, checks this out :)

    1. :P :P There is no girl boss. Just hoping there would be one :)


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