Sunday, 13 October 2013

Moments of Rage!

Ninth !!! :)

Vicky was freaking out of his mind. His heart was thumping hard, that it felt like it would come out off his body and the worse thing was he could hear it in his ears. This happened in one of those rare cases when he was extremely depressed and worried mixed with agony. This instance was one of those. The hot and humid weather seemed to pour oil in his raging fire of anger that seemed to crackle inside his stomach, although that sound could be his hunger as he hadn't eaten since morning. Coincidence!

His mind was racing like a punctured, confused car trying to go in a straight line but screeching all the way, the screeching being his agony, hindering him to think and plan a course of action. The beads of sweat that trickled down his forehead to his neck irritated him. Finally, his anger overtook his mind. He took long strides to the parking lot of Express Avenue, each making a slap on the glazed-tile floor. The strides turned into running. He pushed aside the customers and the people who were straying in gangs and couples. Many of them were staring at the crazy man, wondering where he was running off to, as if it was the end of the world! No wonder he created a clamour. But Vicky didn't bother about it in the least. He didn't even notice the people. He had only one thing occupied in his mind. To save Shwetha. She was kidnapped by the most wanted, professional serial killer, Niktin Mohan.

His one and only Shwetha!

She was his only hope!

 How dare that bastard take away his love?!

Niktin Mohan!!!  . . . . .

Vicky had to punish him. He very well knew about Niktin. He was potentially dangerous and does not hesitate to kill a person, whoever it may be. He was quite notorious for his killings of important officials in the government. He could possibly be a psychopath. The only mistake, if that was the word, was that, Vicky had by incident seen with his own eyes, a spine-chilling murder committed by Niktin himself. Something must have flipped in his mind, as he had the guts to take a video of it. But Niktin was highly intelligent. He was way ahead of Vicky, that had lead to this aforementioned situation. Vicky had met Niktin before. They had a few frictions earlier. Being a cop himself, he had once wonderfully planned the arrest of this killer. However, Niktin escaped from prison one week later. Now it had come down to this. Vicky had received a call from an unknown number.

What he heard in the next few minutes shaked the life out of him. The bastard had somehow kidnapped his Shwetha. He had heard her pleading cries which was still ringing in his ear. Vicky had reached the parking lot. He opened the door of his starry black BMW sedan and got inside. Starting the engine with a roar, the tires screeched loudly due to sudden hot, kinetic friction between the floor and the tires. He had changed gears to the third even before he exited the mall. He threw some cash to the toll person for parking. He took the car to its potential. He dodged the oncoming cars and drove deftly in the traffic. Making a few normal turns which could have ended in a disastrous crash, he finally made a stunning entrance to the said place.

He will show him!
BMW at high speed!

It was a building under construction but stopped due to legal reasons. That was the hideout place of Niktin. Vicky had been warned not to call the police, if not, "Shwetha's throat will be slit. I'll give you a video of the same through courier". Those were his exact words, that angered Vicky to the core. Before the BMW came to a scratching, skidding halt in a semi-circle, Vicky had already hit five of Niktin's thugs deftly. He was experienced in this. He was prepared for this. He had his automatic silencer gun ready in his hand. Stealth was the only way to kill this bastard. Niktin was equally intelligent and experienced in this. He had already seen  Vicky entering the place. By the time, Vicky had finished off the the remaining thugs, Niktin had already escaped from his place. As Vicky was searching for him, he suddenly heard a loud shriek of fear. He instantly recognised it as Shwetha's. It was coming from the top floor with no roof.

"Daaaaaadddddyyyyy" Shwetha shouted in panic, which was followed by a evil cackle of laughter.

Vicky saw Niktin holding his 7 year old daughter, who was his only family.

"Well, well, well.....Look who is here!"

"Damn it! Niktin. Leave her. You want the video right? I'll give you"

"Yeah, right. As if I am going to believe you." Suddenly two of his thugs appeared by his side. "Search him".
The two thugs came down and grabbed his mobile and silencer. After Niktin checked the video several times reassuring himself, he finally looked down and said, " Finish him, guys. I got a lot of work to do", telling this, he dropped Shwetha from that height. Vicky's eyes opened wide in wide shock. Without thinking, he jolted forward whooshing himself in the air. The two thugs were apparently stupid as they dashed and hit themselves and fell down with a thud. Luck favoured Vicky.

A fraction of second late, Shwetha's head would have cracked open like a shell of egg. He had caught her with both his hands. He fell to the ground on his back. However, Niktin had escaped yet again. He was in deep pain. But that didn't bother him as he had scooped his daughter, he had saved her.

"You allright, honey?", gasped Vicky.

"Yeah, I am allright, daddy".


"Well, what do you think of the scene?", the director asked the actor who was sitting with his legs crossed, smoking a cigar.

"I don't know, man. I think a little bit of editing should be there.", Ram said.

"You don't worry about it. The editor will take care of it. Overall I am satisfied. Don't be nervous. You are a star. People are gonna love you."


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