Saturday, 21 September 2013

Beautiful People!

This is one of those posts where I am ranting to myself in my mind. The content of this post keeps playing in a loop in my mind. So I thought I could put an end to it, hopefully, by putting it into paper, i.e here. Don't bother to comment if you find it useless. It is more of a personal rant and experience. As a college student and a teenager, I guess, it is pretty normal to take interest in the opposite gender, talk about them etc etc; So two questions popped up in my head the other day. One was "What defines real beauty in contemporary world?". Well, it looks like outer beauty rather than inner beauty. Atleast according to the people surrounding me and my circle. People (generally) think that good looking people have good and ideal qualities, which usually is not the case. I am not saying all beautiful people are bad, just not usually. People judge others by their looks and don't bother to know further about the person. 

Image source: Flickr

The second question was, "Why do people (teens) yearn for beautiful looking people as their boyfriends/ girfriends?"

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Make Way For Lalitha!

Shopping is a thing to which many people are obssessed, particularly women (in most cases), I have seen and heard :P. Day by day, new products and things are being invented and the underlining thing is that, they are more luxurious rather being useful. This especially holds good for electronics. Man gets fascinated by the next, new and latest thing. Shopping in the olden times started with the barter system, where things and utilities were exchanged in Kind instead of money. Then came the introduction of gold and silver coins that were given in exchange of things. Then came the paper money. The shopping style has significantly changed from small shops, mobile shops to high end super markets and hypermarkets where you can get anything. More recently, the introduction of online shopping has made man even more lazy to gout and shop. He can just place an order on any article he wants to purchase, and BAM, it comes to his home within a few days. There are many online sites that are creating a buzz such as Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc. I recently even bought my Xperia mobile from Flipkart :). Ebay is the king of online shopping and has a range all over the world, while Flipkart has its hold only in India.

So as I was wondering how Shopping might change in the year 2030, I was sure about one thing. The shopping in the near future will have made man even more lazy. Here is my idea or say a kind of fiction of what shopping would be.

I know that the smartphone industry is revolutionising everything apart from from communication. So my idea revolves around a smartphone and an app (that works in android, apple, windows etc). Let's name that app as Lalitha :P I thought it out of the blue. Now, Lalitha is a voice controlled application exclusively designed and created for shopping.

Also by the year 2030, technology would have improved to the extent in which these apps can be accessed from any electronic device, be it Televisions, Computers, Tablets, Phablets and even a Watch. Maybe even Glasses that we wear on the eyes. Yes, all electronic devices would have become more smart and active than human beings! 

This app has multiple features. Besides giving a list of items that one wants to purchase and providing a list of online shopping sites that prices it cheap in the low-high order, it also has the feature to suggest what gifts could be bought for another person, be it a wedding or a birthday! You see, Artificial Intelligence, it is.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Magical Dream Indeed!

I was at Meera's birthday party. I was pleasantly surprised that she had invited me, because of the fact that, I was one of the few friends present at the party who knew her solely through blogging. I felt special, truly. Not only that, the party was an extravagant affair. Apparently, Meera had a lot other friends and relatives as the party was a little crowded and lively. Since there were a few other blogger friends, I did not feel lonely and I had a lot to catch up and talking to do. I was glad at that. As soon as the cake was cut and wishes were exchanged with the birthday girl, all smiling, I immediately focussed my attention on the buffet and display of food items in front of me. It was awesome. I do admit that my stomach became extra hungry, when my eyes feasted on the food. There were salads of all kinds, soups and starters, pasta and sphagetti, tandoori gravy, biriyani, deserts with numerous flavours and what-not. Now I was even more happy that Meera invited me. :P. As my eyes scanned tactfully from a distance over all the food items discreetly, lest people will notice me :P, I noticed a plate of conically cut black-forest cakes with liquid chocolate dripping from an adjacent chocolate fountain slowly. Oh my! How could I react without embarrassing myself! :P I approached the place and gently and delicately took a piece of it. I took a bit of it mildly, biting from one end. It was ecstasy. I closed my eyes, involuntarily.

And off, I was swept away. Everything was black. I was in fast motion, I was pressed hard and tight as if someone was tying me with ropes. It lasted a few seconds. It ended as fast as it happened. I was breathing hard with my back down on the floor. I looked up. The ceiling was 'old paper' brown. I slowly, got up, squinting around at the new place. High above on the ceiling were majestic arches with carvings. The place extended beyond my eyesight. It looked much larger than it was It was filled with items and things of all kinds, and bizzare too! As, the horrible yet a distinctly wonderful realisation hit my mind, I knew what this place was. The Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Castle!


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