Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Magical Dream Indeed!

I was at Meera's birthday party. I was pleasantly surprised that she had invited me, because of the fact that, I was one of the few friends present at the party who knew her solely through blogging. I felt special, truly. Not only that, the party was an extravagant affair. Apparently, Meera had a lot other friends and relatives as the party was a little crowded and lively. Since there were a few other blogger friends, I did not feel lonely and I had a lot to catch up and talking to do. I was glad at that. As soon as the cake was cut and wishes were exchanged with the birthday girl, all smiling, I immediately focussed my attention on the buffet and display of food items in front of me. It was awesome. I do admit that my stomach became extra hungry, when my eyes feasted on the food. There were salads of all kinds, soups and starters, pasta and sphagetti, tandoori gravy, biriyani, deserts with numerous flavours and what-not. Now I was even more happy that Meera invited me. :P. As my eyes scanned tactfully from a distance over all the food items discreetly, lest people will notice me :P, I noticed a plate of conically cut black-forest cakes with liquid chocolate dripping from an adjacent chocolate fountain slowly. Oh my! How could I react without embarrassing myself! :P I approached the place and gently and delicately took a piece of it. I took a bit of it mildly, biting from one end. It was ecstasy. I closed my eyes, involuntarily.

And off, I was swept away. Everything was black. I was in fast motion, I was pressed hard and tight as if someone was tying me with ropes. It lasted a few seconds. It ended as fast as it happened. I was breathing hard with my back down on the floor. I looked up. The ceiling was 'old paper' brown. I slowly, got up, squinting around at the new place. High above on the ceiling were majestic arches with carvings. The place extended beyond my eyesight. It looked much larger than it was It was filled with items and things of all kinds, and bizzare too! As, the horrible yet a distinctly wonderful realisation hit my mind, I knew what this place was. The Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Castle!

I was equally bewildered and amazed. I pinched myself to verify that all these were real. It was! I was shaking on the spot, deciding which way to step. Finally, I stepped forward and began slowly marvelling at the things around me. There were orbs, hats, quills, stacks of books, cups and saucers, diaries, cupboards, cloaks, tapestries and even some wands! Wow! Like a child, I picked one. I was no Ollivander to tell what kind of wand it was. There were about 5-6 wands. I picked each one and gave it a wave, but nothing happened. A little sad, I became. Then I picked up the last one. As soon as I picked it up, brightness filled the room, wind was blowing from nowhere and I felt warm! Only I knew the meaning of what it was! This wand had its allegiance to me! I gave it a wave. The next moment was awesome! A jet of bright white light hit upon the distant cupboard with a racket sound. Having known most of the spells, I gave a try with my wand. Some worked and some didn't. The expelliarmus spell, one of my favourites worked perfectly :D I was on cloud nine! I would have made a good wizard!

 Like a kid in a toy store, I kept inspecting everything. At the end of the aisle, I saw a very large cupboard, large enough to fit a grown man. A second realisation hit me! I knew it was the Vanishing cabinet! Excited, I opened it, thinking that I could go to Diagonal Alley via the other one!

But I was in for a horrific shock, the next moment. The atmosphere around me became icy and misty cold. I trembled. Something emerged from it. It was a black hooded, faceless creature! (?). It rotted with the stench of death. It had long, frightening looking claws with nails, resembling the roots of a small plant! Only these were moving toward me. The creature was hanging in mid-air and kept moving toward me. It was a freaking Dementor!

The Dementor!

I could not breathe. I stumbled back. I knew the spell to ward it off. But my head was in intense pain as if it was poked by a thousand needles. I knew why I was experiencing this. I doubled back. I slipped and fell down, which made it even more easy for the dementor to swoop and pounce on me. It began sucking. I could not breathe. I raised my wand with a mighty effort. Without thinking, I shouted with all my strength. "EXPECTO PATRONAM!". A feeble wave of white light came out but it was definitely not enough. I was losing consciousness, I knew that.

Darkness was descending on me!

I opened my eyes. I saw Meera and others gathered around me as if I were a specimen!

"Did that dementor go away?", I blurted out, asking Meera. Suddenly some of the people, burst out laughing. Clearly, my senses didn't come into reality yet. Meera, with a smile, told," That's alright Akash. It is just a dream. I don't know what happened there but do know that you are still in my party! We found you lying down with some chocolate smeared on your face! I quickly placed my hand on my face to wipe it off.

"We wiped if off. Just when we were fetching water to bring back your consciousness, you suddenly jerked back to life"

"Oh. Damn! That was one hell of a dream. It was both awesome and frightening!", I said.

"Dreams are like that. Now get up and enjoy the party", saying that, Meera went off.

I looked at the subtly giggling people.

Total embarrassment!

Chucking all of it, I began enjoying the feast!


P.S:  This post is obviously and truly a fantasy with a lot of supernatural elements. I know this post might sound lame, if you are not a fan of fantasy or Harry Potter.

Finally, I would like wish Meera's blog a happy 1st birthday! :) It was a delight blogging for your contest.

This post was written for the Nibble Promptly contest at A Rat's Nibble! 


  1. Wow! Lovely dark post :D All the best Akash :)

  2. Hey Akash, even though I am not a fan of Harry Potter or fantasy, i found this one interesting!
    i liked it :)

  3. ah dementor... interesting, dark n nice imagination.. it'd have been a curious climax if you wake up with that wand in your hands.. lol.. but this was indeed a nightmare. poor you. ;) I am excited that my birthday celebrations is a part of your story.. i enjoyed reading it. all the best, Akash :)

    1. Nandri Meera! :P Yes, it would have been very awesome to wake with a wand...I wanted to limit it to a dream :) Great joy to have written for your contest! :)

  4. Ha nice post Akash with loads of fantasy :) All the best :)

  5. Interesting and funny imagination ... Keep dreaming :)

  6. You hav created something really extraordinary from the so-common harry potter posts. Good luck

  7. Interesting dream with fantasy

    Happy dreaming!!!

  8. Good one.....nice composition...

  9. Nice short story... :) wish i have the same dream and also i'm waiting for a chance to destroy a Dementor by myself :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it :D Welcome to my blog

  10. love harry potter :) loved your post :) all the best for the contest :)

  11. nicely written ! liked the dementor imaginations ! ATB for contest :)


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