Thursday, 22 August 2013

Madras - 374 And Counting!

Chennai is 374 years old today. What started as a small settlement by the British East-India company along the south-east coast of India, Bay of Bengal, is now a ever-bustling, modern yet traditional metropolitan city.
Already, I have talked a lot about Chennai, especially through my A-Z challenge posts. Yet, I can't stop myself from talking about this city. From the irritating but exulting feel of bearing the unbearable Chennai heat, the ride in the earthquake-like-shaking share autos, bargaining with flower sellers and auto-kaarargal, quenching thirst from cool tender coconuts, water-melons, the road-side tea stalls selling hot Bondas to hot spicy biriyani, filter coffee, cotton candy, kolams to crowded railway stations, temples, mosques, churches, buses to star hotels, IT corridor and its people, Tanglish (Tamil+English) speaking people like myself, High-class English speaking people etc, to considerable amount of Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam speaking people, the city has many aspects that define it. Chennai is everything. It has seen 374 summers and monsoons. Madras -----> Chennai, though the name changed, many of its places and qualities still remain to this day. That fact heartens me. I wish 'her' a very happy birthday. And for her to be happy, we (citizens), her children, must continue and strive hard to protect and glorify her even more. There are still many problems that damage her such as traffic, sanitation, pollution etc; to name a few. According to me, the day when Cooum river looks and used like River Thames (just a wild thought), Chennai will be an even a greater beauty to look and enjoy to live in.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Trip To Remember!

In my 9th grade at school, a tour was announced to Kallar, a small hill town located near Mettupalayam (Coimbatore). Obviously, we were thrilled about it, since it was the first time we would be out of Chennai, away from parents and also school. Just the idea of 'vacationing' with friends
My eighth!
was enough to get us excited. But it goes without saying that, at first, my parents were reluctant to send me alone on a trip to a place which is more than 450 kilometres away from Chennai. Again, it goes without saying that, my friends convinced and persuaded subtly to allow me to go :D. Atlast the D-Day arrived (for us). The journey from home to Central station was filled with instructions from my dad. One of them was not to put my hand out the window. Now why would I put my hand out.....Only a crazy person would do that!! -_- . Till the time the train took off, I was drenched in a rain of advice and instructions. As soon as the train took off, I felt a new sense of freedom, not that till then I was jailed or something, but when you are alone for the first time, you do get a feeling of it.

Kallar scenary
That night was epic. We really didn't have the mood to sleep. We were just chatting and gossiping about school and stuff, listening to songs in mp3 player (Those who had it were snatched off it and fidgeted with - coz it was sort of a luxury back then :P). We finally went to sleep around 12:30 am after the corresponding teacher escorting us told us off. We woke up early too, the train was still in motion, nearing Coimbatore, the atmosphere still dark and pleasantly cool, a respite from Chennai's heat. Everything was organised perfectly, my school excelled in that, though they are a bit kanjoos (miser) :P - the proof for that coming below :P. The headcount was done at frequent intervals. We boarded the bus from Coimbatore to Kallar. As soon as we reached there, we were escorted to restaurant, where breakfast was already waiting for us. We devoured the food like wolves, except the food was not meat.


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