Saturday, 27 July 2013

Love, Caste and Violence!

Ilavarasan : Source- theHindu

They say love is universal and it can happen between anyone. There is no stopping it. Love, if it is true, does not see nationality, religion, language, caste or creed or colour. And these days, though odd for some people to digest, love can also happen between people belonging to the same gender. And I am talking about the love between two lovers. In that context, the recent news of Ilavarasan's death has greatly grieved and angered and upset me.

As many of you would know, Ilavarasan was found dead on the railway track on the 4th of this month. Now the Police is investigating it. I do not know whether it was a suicide or murder.Whatever it may be, the person is dead. The death of Ilavarasan was preceeded by an eight month long misunderstanding. The only 'sin' Ilavarasan committed was that he was  from a scheduled caste and he loved Divya, from a higher caste. You would have read it in the newspaper. These two people were in love and there were violent attacks and burning of houses in the colonies of Dharmapuri district on November 7 of last year by casteist forces, the stupid reason being inter-caste marriage between Divya, a high-born and Ilavarasan, a low-born, following the suicide of Divya's father on hearing this news.

Now, the underlining problem here is casteism. It is an ugly problem prevailing in India since time immemorial. Even after so much development in India in all fields, this is still here. We say that this problem exists only in villages. But I feel it is also in urban areas. The only difference being the problem is extreme in the rural areas in the form of violence while it is subtle in urban areas in the form of socialising in groups (confession pages in facebook) and alienating other people. I have seen this. In paper, people in India are united and equal. But practically, this is mostly the opposite. Maybe it is not seen 'obviously' but in a hidden manner. And maybe it is present in my city. Maybe it differs from place to place. But definitely, it is present in varying levels. I think reservation is one thing which segregates people based on their castes in the first step itself. That is, by this system, we ourselves are differentiating ourselves. I am not saying reservation should be abolished totally, but it is should be based on merit and economic status of the people. This is another issue that is being debated upon for a long time now.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Pink Fragrance!

Another Instagrammed Picture...
Taken at Pondicherry. :)
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Back to College!

It has been more than a fortnight since College started. Nothing has distinctively changed in there. One thing to rejoice is the entry of new courses and new teachers. It does seem a little monotonous to have the same teacher teaching. Sadly, from this semester, attendance checking has become more stringent. Even if a student takes a leave for a day for a genuine reason (which usually isn't), he is blasted off the next day by the teacher. Prior informing must be done. Else he must meet the HOD with parents. Thankfully, these rules change from department to department. Mine is not that harsh.

Whatever the rules be, this does not stop students from bunking classes :D. Going home early is a wonderful feeling, only that, it is at the expense of a very boring period (1 hour attendance). Though I am officially a senior, I haven't got the opportunity to show it off to a first year. Hopefully I get it one day.

Friday, 5 July 2013

WAIT FOR IT turns 1 today!

The same day, last year, I started this blog. I feel really happy that this has turned out great and pretty awesome. I found many new friends, some local and some from other parts of India......and a few (if not many) dedicated readers who read my posts even if it is a boring one... :D

And today WAIT FOR IT! is a one year old baby. In this one year, I have learned many things. It goes without saying that there is the presence of back-scratching here. :P Also there are some blogs which are truly amazing, to the extent that I remember to visit their blog every time their new post arrives. In reality, I would love to read the posts in Indivine but can't for two reasons, firstly I am a little lazy and secondly, to be frank, even when I try to read a post, it destroys my mood, since that particular post happens to be irritatingly very long. So then I close it and decide to read another day. But then I read my favourite blogs from time to time without fail. :)


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