Sunday, 23 June 2013

I Have Something To Tell You!

My Seventh One!! :D

" I have something.......... to tell you, "

The man merely whispered, lying down,

Unable to move a limb even an inch,

Trapped under the monstrous branch of tree,

Covered with wet grime and debris all over,

Ravaged by starvation that is drilling his stomach,

Being on the same spot for two days,

He couldn't tell if it was day or night,

His eyes were half-open, 

And mind was in a spinning vortex,

His pain in the exponential limits,

Clothes torn and face contorted,

With high dosage of agony and worry.

He continued to whisper,

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Boiling Milk!

Boiling milk --- A symbol for a good beginning of new things.

I captured this with my new Xperia mobile in a recent house warming function.

Using Instagram, I did some editing and posted it :)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!

All that follows are fictitious with some fantasy and intentional errors. Readers, just assume I get to talk to these personalities somehow.

Scene #1: Starring myself, Actress Emma Watson, David Yates (director of HP 7 - both parts).
Me: Oh my God! I can't believe my ears. Am I really hearing the voice of Emma Watson?

David: Yes, you are. Now leave us alone. We are discussing a new project.

Me: Who is this? I am hearing a male's voice.

Emma: Pardon me, Akash. That was David. David Yates, director of HP7. He is here to discuss a new project.

Me: Oh really! Then I have the perfect opportunity to convey something to him, though that hardly matters now.

David: Yes, what is it, Akash?

Me: The final part of Harry Potter. You know, I had high expectations for the movie after having read the book. But you totally messed it up, in my opinion.

David: Hahaha. What do you mean? The movie became a total hit and got good reviews.

Me: Maybe, the people who watched didn't read the book. The scene where Voldemort dies and before that the speech that Harry gives in the book. I had imagined and visualised every part of that scene of how it would be in the movie. But nothing of that sort happened in the movie. I was totally disappointed in the way Voldemort dies. Disintegration? Really?

Emma: Hahahaha. I said the same thing to David, Akash. He said the scene would be dull. So he went with disintegration.

Me: Yeah...And in the end of book, Harry actually mends his own wand with the elder wand, which is really crucial. But it never came in the movie. Also, my friend, with whom I watched the movie, made fun saying that,"Why did Harry stand on the edge of the bridge? It would be real funny if he slipped and fell off, he would die" and he began laughing. I was irritated a little bit. But then Emma, you were wonderful in the movie. I loved it..

David: Aaah. You are just another potterhead aren't you? *sigh*

Emma: Don't mind him, Akash. You are totally right. I too read the book and I felt that the movie did not justify much. And thank you for those heart-felt compliments.

Me: I guess many before me would have said it. But ever since the Prisoner of Azkaban, I have had a crush on you. I always wanted to go on a dinner date with you for one time. If only I had won the first prize of the "Meet Emma" contest, I would have been able to meet you. But then I am much satisfied with the
WeChat voice conversation. Your voice is so lovely.

Emma: Hahaa....Don't bother the contest details, Akash. You know what, I am making a decision. And this is between us. Send me your Email-id and other details. I don't mind going on a dinner date with you once. And I am also interested in knowing more about you. I shall take care of the total expenses. Do not worry.


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