Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Women Power!


She was weaving flowers, simultaneously selling it to the people. 
A car came gliding by. A woman draped in designer saree appeared before her.
"Two Muzham of flowers, akka"
"40 Rs, ma"
"Reduce 10 Rs and ask, akka please"
*Oh, What a miser. Comes in car and sees for 10 Rs*
"Hmm Ok"
She was tired of bargaining.

- The Flower-woman (PooKaari)

She was teaching to the half-asleep class.
A stranger appeared.
"Excuse me, mam.....Namaste!"
"Rahul! What a surprise!!! Long Time!"
"Hello mam, today is my twentieth birthday :D"
"Many more Happy returns of the day, dear!!!",taking a chocolate.
Next moment, the students gasped and teacher surprised.
Rahul had bent down and touched her feet!

- The Teacher


Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she had not experienced this unimaginable pain before.
She screamed as loudly as she could, in the hope that it may drown the pain.
At last the pain ended but she heard crying from another source beside her.
That happiness knew no she drifted into unconsciousness.

- The Mother

In view of Women's day on March 8, a good initiative was brought by cbc members to pay tribute to the ever amazing women with these 55's. I am very glad in doing so.

I started with the flower-woman to give the post a slice of Chennai. In reality, the flower-woman would never have replied like that. A verbal battle would ensue between her and the customer. Very rarely would the former come to a compromise. I'd say to all the customers to give the required money. It is not like losing lakhs of money. Saving money, it seems! I ended that 55 in a positive note coz you know, it is women's day!

Though there are many women in different sectors who help us in our life, the most important of them are ofcourse mothers and teachers. Without them, we are literally nothing. Think about it! The way we talk, dress, eat, behave in society, write, walk, our knowledge is due to them. Infact, the very reason for our existence in this world is because of our moms. Imagine if, due to some unavoidable circumstance/ situation she had killed us while we were still babies. I will go to the extent of saying that my mother is the real God I know. Think! She created me, right! So she is God! No question! 

In our 'so called' busy lives, we hardly do anything for them. Still, it is she who gets up early and prepares food for the family (I am talking about unmarried people. After marriage, situation changes :P). I have noticed that even the small good things that I do for my mom makes her smile wide, such as appreciating a food item, helping her by not giving trouble while she is working, taking trouble to download a movie and force her to watch it, accompanying her to a temple etc; She might deny it saying she has work but inside she does crave for these small things. Remember, they work all year, people. Even simple talking with her would make her smile. 

Teachers are like second parents for us. Especially, the primary teachers. You may think, there isn't that much academic related thing in the kinder-garten. But then, they are the ones who give the basic foundation with ample amount of love. Ofcourse, as we grow up, we would have had teachers who we hated. But definitely not the Kindergarten ones. I still have a soft corner for them and vice versa. 

Also I have to share this. The period from 10-12th grade sees a large number of students going for the IIT coaching classes who occupy a section of the class, preferably the last. In that group, only some are genuinely intellectual, rest are hard-working. They already know concepts when the teacher teaches in the class, because they have attended the IIT classes. Most of them think of themselves highly and make fun of the teachers and find fault in their teaching, intentionally asking doubts (but they already know the answer for it). THEY ARE TESTING THE TEACHER!! I would ask them to shut up and listen. If you know it already, then remain silent. Let the others learn. This gets further worsened when the teacher, by accident, teaches a concept wrongly. The group giggles at the back bench. The period becomes their entertainment. The real value of teachers (to them) comes when the public examinations approaches. Their attitude completely changes. Also, surprisingly, as the Exam date approaches, the teacher becomes very kind and helps the students by giving sample papers and other things. They treat the students like their children!  If not for them, we wouldn't have achieved in 12th

Again, I am telling only some did like this. This differs from school to school.  

I am no saint, but I still remember this order of respect to people (a phrase):
Maatha, Pithaa, Guru, Deivam (Mother, Father, Teacher, God)
Note that God comes in the last!
Guess I became slightly senti-senti in this post.
Kudos to all the women out there.

And lastly, about the serious issue of 'degrading a women'. This has risen to shameful heights. Every day some or the other thing comes up in the newspaper. Even in Chennai, which is said to be safer than the other metros. 
To all those criminals, think about your mothers or sisters or daughters (surely, you would have/ have had one). How would you feel if they underwent a similar situation?

The words in Italics are Tamil.
akka- sister
ma- mother
muzham- a unit of length equivalent to an arm.

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club which is celebrating a week long "marathon" in the honor of womanhood.


  1. I feel like giving you a big hug for this post. Such a young guy and so much depth in your thoughts.

    Way to go, Akash.


    Joy always,

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Clement! Welcome to WAIT FOR IT! :)

  3. Very nice post, Akash! The tone is very good and touching in some lines! Keep up the good writing!
    -- Revathi

    1. Yeah it is touching at some points :) Glad you liked it and Welcome to my blog, mam! :)

  4. Woman power....Brilliant.. such a heart warming post. way to go man... kudos...!

    Happy woman's day to all..!!

  5. A commendable write-up Akash!
    The 55s were bang-on especially the last one, so gently woven.
    You are right Mother is the only God whom me know 'coz she created us.And the kinder-garten teachers always hold a special place which needs to be revealed. And the tiniest of our acts soothes our mother , howsoever hard she denies. Yes! Ofcourse she too loves ice-cream and chocolates but never asks. Just offer her and see how she gulps them like a child. We definitely need to look upon Women degradation. But the defaulters hardly care about their heinous acts. It's hard to digest but yes! they dont respect any women not even their mother. And I'm afraid the stringent laws are also not able to check the assaults. Kudos!
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Surbhi! :)
      Yea I have seen the way she gulps the ice-cream... :) very child-like!!

  6. Thoughtful, the real life examples added depth to the subject.

    1. Thank you Sanjeeta !! :) Welcome to Wait for it!!

  7. Beautiful post! Very thoughtful and rightfully interpreted great!

    1. Thanks Bushra and happy women's day! :)

  8. Akash, such an amazing post :) Way to go !

  9. Young people like you who choose to write about the glory of women ... it's nice of you. An awesome post written beautifully. Kudos!

  10. Wonderful Akash. True, You can make a mother happy by the acts that you just mentioned. It might be very trivial, but that would mean the world to them. Same goes true for Teachers as well. Nicely written :-)

  11. What a beautiful post ! I loved every word of it. The starting was so feasible & viable with the love that's stored. :) Sorry, late for the reply but still wish your mom from my side as well. The most beautiful roles of all that the woman bestows

    :) :)

    With Regards
    Tanya Sehgal

  12. wow!!! this is one of my favourite I would easily say, because every women is special in this world and especially our mothers without whom we are nobody.

    1. Thank you Vaishnavi akka! :D Finally a family member to have commented...!!

  13. Profound and thoughtful. Wonderful reading :-)


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