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The Haunted Hospital!

Yet another one!
// I apologise many times, before-hand for the length of the story. I thought it would not be justified if it is shortened. Bear with me.// 

"Ok, Sarah. I am leaving. Look after Hannah. She seems to be looking for trouble all the time. Have an eye on her. Beware! this is a forest. Stay inside the tent. I will go out and check for beautiful locales for taking pictures. God, I like this forest. It is so serene and nature's beauty is at its height. I think we made a great decision in selecting this place for this weekend.", Sam said with a satisfied smile.

"Yeah, Sam. This place is awesome. Our Hannah seems to like it very much," Sarah said munching a power bar.

Hannah, their little girl, was seven years old. Like most kids of her age, she was fascinated by toys. But in Hannah's case, the thing is, whatever she saw, she declared it as a toy. Repeated warnings and almost-got-beaten-incidents haven't stopped her from experimenting every thing she observes. 

So thus began the search. Sam treaded slowly in the dense forest path. The sun's rays hardly touched the ground. He felt that the atmosphere was wet and humid. The ground was mildly marshy with huge trees of canopies of branches. The roots of the trees were like snakes on the ground at the first glance. Sam had to watch out for his step. Soon, apart from the sounds of the jungle, he couldn't hear anything. 

Sam was an adventurous person by birth. He had gone to various treks and many a time saved himself from troubles. He never had lost his way previously. Also, being a journalist, he was always interested in learning new things.

As he strolled, the 'almost-dark' path, he suddenly heard a low-rumbling sound, but somewhat echoing mildly in the forest. Sam became cautious. Ofcourse, he had his rifle with him. He never shot, but had it as protection. The low-rumbling sound continued for some moments and then abruptly stopped. Now, he heard low breathing and rustling of leaves. He crept slowly and to his pleasant surprise he saw a brown bear, very huge, chewing on some leaves. Without waiting, Sam took out his camera and as he focussed, the bear looked at the camera lens. Sam was startled, too afraid to move, he remained motionless and just when he clicked, the bear ran away in the opposite direction. He followed it. It was easy as it ran slow.

As he ran silently but swiftly, suddenly he came across a building. He slowed down, forgetting the bear. He looked at it wonderingly. A '+' (plus) symbol had been painted in red. He wondered who would build a hospital in a forest. Intrigued by the dilapidated appearance of the building, he proceeded to inspect it. But something told him not to enter. However his curiosity overtook the fear. He came to know that it was an asylum by the inscription in the stone in front of it, which was hard to read because it had been eroded due to age. Unexpectedly, the big, double oak door opened without contact. It was as if the building knew his presence. Inside it was pitch dark. Sam entered it, with a hesitation. He couldn't clearly see as to what was inside, except for the three red carpets that went in three passages (one curving left, one curving right and middle). Sam freaked out and thought this was not good and returned the way back.

Back in the tent, Sarah saw the disturbed face of Sam and enquired. He narrated the whole incident. The couple then decided to go there with Hannah as she couldn't left alone, with the help of two other men who were doctors in the nearby local hospital. When Sam had asked them, they looked strangely and warned him that the hospital was haunted and the people of the town never went near it. It was believed, that the ghost of a patient who had been admitted in that hospital was killed 'un-reasonably', but actually by accident, was inhabiting it, terrorising anybody who went inside in it. In the recent years, the people had planted trees nearby it to hide from the public. But Sam argued that it was inside the forest and a forest couldn't be possibly man-made. They tried to give some reasons but in vain. Sam finally persuaded them to come.

When the family and the two doctors reached the three partitions, they decided to split. One of the docs went into the center path, holding a flashlight. For some time, they could see the feet which vanished in moments in the engulfing darkness. The same thing when the second doc also vanished. Hannah, suddenly freed herself from her mother's grip and ran into the center passage, despite her attempt to stop. Out of nowhere, Hannah screamed and it echoed. Scared and horrified, the mother ran in, following the same path hannah had taken and once again the room went silent. Now Sam was frightened to the heart and alone.

Suddenly, a deep and loud voice called out to him," Sam..........Sam..........Sam..." and faded. Sam braved himself with difficulty and went in the center and saw his wife near a window calling his name out of delight.

"Phew", Sam thought to himself and approached her. As he turned her body to face her,  he gave a shrill shout of scare and surprise. His wife's eyes was burning out in acid and tongue cut in half.
Her eyeballs looked like rotten boiled egg.

It took some time for Sam to remember Hannah. He was half-crying and half-scared and running fast and finally saw a face peeping through the side wall revealing a half-face but not clearly. He moved quickly along with his shadow, breathing fast and hard. As he was doing so, he stepped on something/someone which laughed hysterically and scared him almost to death. He identified as Hannah's doll which laughs every time when a button is pressed. To his horror, the doll's head had been decapitated.

Still bent down, Sam was crying, but mentally thinking he would take his wife to a hospital and.....Now where were the other two guys.....It must be them.....IT MUST BE THEM....A hot boiling liquid of hatred and anger mixed rose in Sam.

As he stood up to search for Hannah, he was forcefully hit hard on the stomach which made him fall on his back. He just had a milli-second glimpse of the two doctors. They were smiling at him. Then, Sam was screaming in white, blinding pain. In the overwhelming silence, he heard tearing and corroding of something. With a horrible realisation, he realised it was his own face!!

Sam woke up shocked and scared from his dream, with cold sweat trickling down his face. It took some time to realise that it was only a dream. He checked on his wife and Hannah and with a great exhalation of relief he came back to normal. He looked at the movie CD titled "Haunted Hospital". He took it and crushed it into multiple pieces and threw it into the bin. The dream was only a part of the movie, but still. All he wanted was to try and watch a movie of a new genre. Whoah! It almost ruined his life. He never would watch a horror movie again. He prayed to the almighty, drank a glass of water and no, he didn't sleep. That was ruined. He switched on the tv and watched Jim Carey's Dumb and Dumber.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

This post is purely fictional and any resemblance to anybody is co-incidental.
Some factuals are overlooked. The main idea of story created by my little cousin sister. I developed and modified largely upon it


  1. Oooo dat was scary! Very nice read.

    1. Thank you Nandini! Happy that you enjoyed it :D

  2. Oops..That was a thriller.. Nice one :)

  3. Cool thriller.. thoroughly enjoyed, Akash.. One more WOW post :-)

    1. Haha! Thanks Meera! Glad you enjoyed! :D

  4. Hey am so happy to see you mentioned my little nibbling blog here in yours.. thanks so so much.. now let me wait for more readers visiting my page :D

  5. Wohaaa!!!!
    Thriller one :D
    I'm scared you will again toy the WOW badge :P
    Keep writing more.

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. All praise to my little sister...Haha... You are scared, uh?
      LOL! Glad you liked it Surbhi! :D

  6. Nice story..... Keep it up......

  7. Yes of it's scary but an engrossing read..Well penned..All the best..

    1. Thanks Odyzz....Welcome to my blog!! :)

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks TTT! welcome to WAIT FOR IT - THE BLOG... :)

  9. evn though i cant say tat dis blog was gramaticaly incorrect
    bt i saw some phrases wer u can use the language a little more efficiently...
    if u cn catch ma drift...
    i had the slightest of feelins tat u wrote dis in a hurry...
    bt i cant criticize ur stry
    tat was way too damn gud
    and one hell of creativity in there....

    1. Thanks Buddy!! Glad you liked the creativity!!

  10. Horror and suspense :)

    Stopping by to welcome you on board the A to Z Challenge April 2013
    Look forward to your challenge posts!

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  11. Thanks Damyanti :) Hoping I can complete the challenge without any obstacle !!


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