Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Animals Are Great!

A Crow calls its relatives before it starts eating

Sharing is clearly shown

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Blackout!

This incident happened when I was 15. I still cannot forget that day because that was the first time I almost had a blackout, i.e I fainted.....atleast not by anesthesia that time. That was one quite embarrassing incident. I was doing my tenth grade at school and I caught a rather unfortunate fever during my half-yearly, which refused to leave me even after taking a crocin tablet. One stubborn viral fever it was. It had to come the day before my Math exam.

But on the good side, since I was doing well in my 10th, I didn't really have the need to study or practice. A little bit of revision was only necessary. But still, I had the exam jitters. I was attacked by fever the previous of day of exam. So no wonder. In addition to this, my parents were out of station. I was not able to do anything. That feeling when you don't want to eat, drink, talk or do anything for that matter. I was experiencing that. After the morning session of hateful vomit, my brother took the right decision to drop me at my grandmother's house. It was a sunday. My stomach was empty. The tablet was hardly effective for an hour. Again my body temperature was too hot that it was radiating.

So then they decided to take me to a hospital. The weakness had reached to such a level such that I had to be literally dragged to cross the road to enter the hospital. No food no energy. As I was made to sit with the blanket draped on my shoulders, waiting for my turn, I was staring at the TV mounted high on the wall. A muted video song was playing. That did provide some relief. I got so immersed into it. After some time my brother and grandfather stood up. I was wondering why. Suddenly my brother turned and beckoned me and said something. But I heard nothing. I slowly made an enquiring gesture with my head. One shake and my mind was horribly in pain under some invisible weight. They lifted me up from the seat and I staggered to my feet and that was all. All I know was I sat down again with my eyes closing shut. I couldn't move a bit. Though I could sense I was there, it was like somewhere drowning into some world into your mind. Till today, I maintain it as 'almost had a blackout'. But my brother would smirkingly tell in the presence of guests, starting like, "Do you know the incident where Akash dropped to the floor and fainted.....".  Grrr.

One thing I was sure about is that I definitely did not fall. I just closed my eyes. When inside the doctor's cabin (after much shaking, brought to senses), he immediately found out that I was dehydrated after checking my cold, pale, white palms and suddenly telling in a serious tone, "He must be admitted, I am afraid. Atleast for one night under IV (Intravenous therapy) ". I was giving an expression which conveyed "WTF" clearly. Luckily that hospital did not have any beds. We were referred to another hospital. Despite my protests I was forced to come there too. Luckily, in there was the doctor who was also a relative. In the waiting period, I asked my brother to buy four frooti packets as dehydration was the only thing. I gulped on two packets within two minutes. Surprisingly, I was back to form. Ok, not form..... but atleast my dizziness instantly vanished. Though still the weakness and fever were there. Then with my persuassion, my dad was contacted and told of the situation. The relative advised it would be better to get admitted. After some talk, he let go of that idea and gave tablets (some complex form paracetamol).

I was slowly recovering. That night I couldn't study for more than an hour. Slightly nervous I slept, only to be interrupted by another vomit incident in the middle of night. The next morning, my parents returned to Chennai anxious, very early, much to my pleasant surprise. Seeing them, half of my fever went off and I was refreshed, hope regained; went to school and almost revived after seeing my classmates.
I scored 92 in that paper.

Frooti is my most favourite drink all these years and even now. If not for it, I would have been admitted that day. 

Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy..... \m/ 

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Maa.....When Did You Come Here!

They were at a date.

He kissed her passionately.

They got into the bike.

He zoomed in the opposite direction of the road deftly.

She was screaming.

Now he shot at the pedestrians flawlessly.

"Why are you killing those people?"

"Maa!! Its just a game......When did you come here ?"

"Right before you kissed that girl!".


The above mentioned game is GTA- San Andreas. I have never encountered such a situation.
But I did go on dates, in the game, that is ;)
The picture is just a distraction :P

Bear with the slightly irritating pop up window and the ad. :)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Women Power!


She was weaving flowers, simultaneously selling it to the people. 
A car came gliding by. A woman draped in designer saree appeared before her.
"Two Muzham of flowers, akka"
"40 Rs, ma"
"Reduce 10 Rs and ask, akka please"
*Oh, What a miser. Comes in car and sees for 10 Rs*
"Hmm Ok"
She was tired of bargaining.

- The Flower-woman (PooKaari)

She was teaching to the half-asleep class.
A stranger appeared.
"Excuse me, mam.....Namaste!"
"Rahul! What a surprise!!! Long Time!"
"Hello mam, today is my twentieth birthday :D"
"Many more Happy returns of the day, dear!!!",taking a chocolate.
Next moment, the students gasped and teacher surprised.
Rahul had bent down and touched her feet!

- The Teacher


Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she had not experienced this unimaginable pain before.
She screamed as loudly as she could, in the hope that it may drown the pain.
At last the pain ended but she heard crying from another source beside her.
That happiness knew no she drifted into unconsciousness.

- The Mother

In view of Women's day on March 8, a good initiative was brought by cbc members to pay tribute to the ever amazing women with these 55's. I am very glad in doing so.

I started with the flower-woman to give the post a slice of Chennai. In reality, the flower-woman would never have replied like that. A verbal battle would ensue between her and the customer. Very rarely would the former come to a compromise. I'd say to all the customers to give the required money. It is not like losing lakhs of money. Saving money, it seems! I ended that 55 in a positive note coz you know, it is women's day!

Though there are many women in different sectors who help us in our life, the most important of them are ofcourse mothers and teachers. Without them, we are literally nothing. Think about it! The way we talk, dress, eat, behave in society, write, walk, our knowledge is due to them. Infact, the very reason for our existence in this world is because of our moms. Imagine if, due to some unavoidable circumstance/ situation she had killed us while we were still babies. I will go to the extent of saying that my mother is the real God I know. Think! She created me, right! So she is God! No question! 

In our 'so called' busy lives, we hardly do anything for them. Still, it is she who gets up early and prepares food for the family (I am talking about unmarried people. After marriage, situation changes :P). I have noticed that even the small good things that I do for my mom makes her smile wide, such as appreciating a food item, helping her by not giving trouble while she is working, taking trouble to download a movie and force her to watch it, accompanying her to a temple etc; She might deny it saying she has work but inside she does crave for these small things. Remember, they work all year, people. Even simple talking with her would make her smile. 

Teachers are like second parents for us. Especially, the primary teachers. You may think, there isn't that much academic related thing in the kinder-garten. But then, they are the ones who give the basic foundation with ample amount of love. Ofcourse, as we grow up, we would have had teachers who we hated. But definitely not the Kindergarten ones. I still have a soft corner for them and vice versa. 

Also I have to share this. The period from 10-12th grade sees a large number of students going for the IIT coaching classes who occupy a section of the class, preferably the last. In that group, only some are genuinely intellectual, rest are hard-working. They already know concepts when the teacher teaches in the class, because they have attended the IIT classes. Most of them think of themselves highly and make fun of the teachers and find fault in their teaching, intentionally asking doubts (but they already know the answer for it). THEY ARE TESTING THE TEACHER!! I would ask them to shut up and listen. If you know it already, then remain silent. Let the others learn. This gets further worsened when the teacher, by accident, teaches a concept wrongly. The group giggles at the back bench. The period becomes their entertainment. The real value of teachers (to them) comes when the public examinations approaches. Their attitude completely changes. Also, surprisingly, as the Exam date approaches, the teacher becomes very kind and helps the students by giving sample papers and other things. They treat the students like their children!  If not for them, we wouldn't have achieved in 12th

Again, I am telling only some did like this. This differs from school to school.  

I am no saint, but I still remember this order of respect to people (a phrase):
Maatha, Pithaa, Guru, Deivam (Mother, Father, Teacher, God)
Note that God comes in the last!
Guess I became slightly senti-senti in this post.
Kudos to all the women out there.

And lastly, about the serious issue of 'degrading a women'. This has risen to shameful heights. Every day some or the other thing comes up in the newspaper. Even in Chennai, which is said to be safer than the other metros. 
To all those criminals, think about your mothers or sisters or daughters (surely, you would have/ have had one). How would you feel if they underwent a similar situation?

The words in Italics are Tamil.
akka- sister
ma- mother
muzham- a unit of length equivalent to an arm.

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Chennai Metro!

The Chennai Metro in progress! Captured in Guindy by mobile
from the back of share auto today!

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Haunted Hospital!

Yet another one!
// I apologise many times, before-hand for the length of the story. I thought it would not be justified if it is shortened. Bear with me.// 

"Ok, Sarah. I am leaving. Look after Hannah. She seems to be looking for trouble all the time. Have an eye on her. Beware! this is a forest. Stay inside the tent. I will go out and check for beautiful locales for taking pictures. God, I like this forest. It is so serene and nature's beauty is at its height. I think we made a great decision in selecting this place for this weekend.", Sam said with a satisfied smile.

"Yeah, Sam. This place is awesome. Our Hannah seems to like it very much," Sarah said munching a power bar.

Hannah, their little girl, was seven years old. Like most kids of her age, she was fascinated by toys. But in Hannah's case, the thing is, whatever she saw, she declared it as a toy. Repeated warnings and almost-got-beaten-incidents haven't stopped her from experimenting every thing she observes. 

So thus began the search. Sam treaded slowly in the dense forest path. The sun's rays hardly touched the ground. He felt that the atmosphere was wet and humid. The ground was mildly marshy with huge trees of canopies of branches. The roots of the trees were like snakes on the ground at the first glance. Sam had to watch out for his step. Soon, apart from the sounds of the jungle, he couldn't hear anything. 

Sam was an adventurous person by birth. He had gone to various treks and many a time saved himself from troubles. He never had lost his way previously. Also, being a journalist, he was always interested in learning new things.

As he strolled, the 'almost-dark' path, he suddenly heard a low-rumbling sound, but somewhat echoing mildly in the forest. Sam became cautious. Ofcourse, he had his rifle with him. He never shot, but had it as protection. The low-rumbling sound continued for some moments and then abruptly stopped. Now, he heard low breathing and rustling of leaves. He crept slowly and to his pleasant surprise he saw a brown bear, very huge, chewing on some leaves. Without waiting, Sam took out his camera and as he focussed, the bear looked at the camera lens. Sam was startled, too afraid to move, he remained motionless and just when he clicked, the bear ran away in the opposite direction. He followed it. It was easy as it ran slow.

As he ran silently but swiftly, suddenly he came across a building. He slowed down, forgetting the bear. He looked at it wonderingly. A '+' (plus) symbol had been painted in red. He wondered who would build a hospital in a forest. Intrigued by the dilapidated appearance of the building, he proceeded to inspect it. But something told him not to enter. However his curiosity overtook the fear. He came to know that it was an asylum by the inscription in the stone in front of it, which was hard to read because it had been eroded due to age. Unexpectedly, the big, double oak door opened without contact. It was as if the building knew his presence. Inside it was pitch dark. Sam entered it, with a hesitation. He couldn't clearly see as to what was inside, except for the three red carpets that went in three passages (one curving left, one curving right and middle). Sam freaked out and thought this was not good and returned the way back.

Back in the tent, Sarah saw the disturbed face of Sam and enquired. He narrated the whole incident. The couple then decided to go there with Hannah as she couldn't left alone, with the help of two other men who were doctors in the nearby local hospital. When Sam had asked them, they looked strangely and warned him that the hospital was haunted and the people of the town never went near it. It was believed, that the ghost of a patient who had been admitted in that hospital was killed 'un-reasonably', but actually by accident, was inhabiting it, terrorising anybody who went inside in it. In the recent years, the people had planted trees nearby it to hide from the public. But Sam argued that it was inside the forest and a forest couldn't be possibly man-made. They tried to give some reasons but in vain. Sam finally persuaded them to come.

When the family and the two doctors reached the three partitions, they decided to split. One of the docs went into the center path, holding a flashlight. For some time, they could see the feet which vanished in moments in the engulfing darkness. The same thing when the second doc also vanished. Hannah, suddenly freed herself from her mother's grip and ran into the center passage, despite her attempt to stop. Out of nowhere, Hannah screamed and it echoed. Scared and horrified, the mother ran in, following the same path hannah had taken and once again the room went silent. Now Sam was frightened to the heart and alone.

Suddenly, a deep and loud voice called out to him," Sam..........Sam..........Sam..." and faded. Sam braved himself with difficulty and went in the center and saw his wife near a window calling his name out of delight.

"Phew", Sam thought to himself and approached her. As he turned her body to face her,  he gave a shrill shout of scare and surprise. His wife's eyes was burning out in acid and tongue cut in half.
Her eyeballs looked like rotten boiled egg.

It took some time for Sam to remember Hannah. He was half-crying and half-scared and running fast and finally saw a face peeping through the side wall revealing a half-face but not clearly. He moved quickly along with his shadow, breathing fast and hard. As he was doing so, he stepped on something/someone which laughed hysterically and scared him almost to death. He identified as Hannah's doll which laughs every time when a button is pressed. To his horror, the doll's head had been decapitated.

Still bent down, Sam was crying, but mentally thinking he would take his wife to a hospital and.....Now where were the other two guys.....It must be them.....IT MUST BE THEM....A hot boiling liquid of hatred and anger mixed rose in Sam.

As he stood up to search for Hannah, he was forcefully hit hard on the stomach which made him fall on his back. He just had a milli-second glimpse of the two doctors. They were smiling at him. Then, Sam was screaming in white, blinding pain. In the overwhelming silence, he heard tearing and corroding of something. With a horrible realisation, he realised it was his own face!!

Sam woke up shocked and scared from his dream, with cold sweat trickling down his face. It took some time to realise that it was only a dream. He checked on his wife and Hannah and with a great exhalation of relief he came back to normal. He looked at the movie CD titled "Haunted Hospital". He took it and crushed it into multiple pieces and threw it into the bin. The dream was only a part of the movie, but still. All he wanted was to try and watch a movie of a new genre. Whoah! It almost ruined his life. He never would watch a horror movie again. He prayed to the almighty, drank a glass of water and no, he didn't sleep. That was ruined. He switched on the tv and watched Jim Carey's Dumb and Dumber.

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This post is purely fictional and any resemblance to anybody is co-incidental.
Some factuals are overlooked. The main idea of story created by my little cousin sister. I developed and modified largely upon it


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