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An Ordinary Arbit-Cliche Love Story!

Disclaimer: Read if you seriously have nothing worth to do!

Charlie came to school everyday. And it was mainly for one reason. No, it was not for studying if that is what you are thinking. Studying was secondary to him. The reason Charlie came to school was to see Anahita. Everybody, except Anahita and the teachers knew that Charlie had a thing/soft corner for her. It was clearly evident in the way Charlie acted around Anahita. Each time, Charlie saw Anahita or she saw smiled at him, Charlie became excited and nervous at the same time. He would not remain still. All his mates giggled and made fun of him (like coughing when Anahita enters the scene) when the two were in the same bench. The first time Charlie saw Anahita, he couldn't take his eyes off her, just mesmerised. She was a bubbly and spontaneous and bright girl. He day-dreamt about her. All the things that were shown in the movies, which earlier he just laughed off, were happening for him also, much to his surprise.

FIFTH ONE! This time my name listed as first! :) 

Now he was waiting in the playground at the school. It was that time before the examinations when the study holidays are on the go. He had come there for a purpose. He had requested Anahita to come to school as he wanted to discuss something important. It had been nagging him for the past few days. That thought racked him and hindered him from studying anything. He wanted it to be cleared once and for all, no matter what. Then only, he thought, at least he could breathe comfortably.

He still remembered the first time she spoke to him, which was after about a month. Yes Charlie was too shy to talk first. It was the 8th of July. That day it so happened that Anahita came late to class. She was breathing hard (apparently from running fast) with a bit of perspiration and nervousness. After a brief warning from the professor, Anahita came trudging along the aisle between the benches, looking for a place near girls to sit. She was so confused that she didn't think upon it and sat in the nearest vacant place. As luck and cliche would have it, that seat was invariably next to Charlie. Oh! The excitement that he underwent that moment. His hands became cold and he kept shifting in his seat. But he pretended to act normal, copying whatever was in the board. Then he felt a soft and warm thing nudging him on the arm. It seemed he must have lost in his love fantasy because when he turned, he saw Anahita wearing an irritable expression.

She was saying," .....sleeping? Hey, wake up, Charlie!", Now she was nudging him hard which surprisingly intimidated him slightly. But that didn't bother him. What bothered him was that his lovely Anahita had remembered his name, HIS NAME. He was completely flabbergasted. He managed to hide his excited smile
and tried to wear an innocent face. Stunned by the sudden movement and 'name calling', unable to speak he made an enquiring gesture.

She resumed her talk,"As you know, I came late due to the crazy traffic near the school."

*Oh, her voice is so sweet as honey, I wish she would never stop. Don't stop dear, keep talking*

"If you don't mind, can you show the notes which I have missed, so that accordingly, I could leave pages, you know", saying this, she gave a smile.

*Look at that, she is smiling at me. Keep smiling, Anahita*.

"Oh sure!" Charlie said,

*I'll do anything for you. You want to tear the notebook, you can, dear. But I can't spare my life, because I never want to leave you*.

At once, he gave his notebook to her with a smile.
"Thank you, Charlie."
After counting the pages, she gave the note to him. They continued to write for over another half an hour.
The class was totally boring. But in his heart, Charlie wanted the period to continue. As, he wasn't listening to the teacher at all. He was writing, allright. But all the while, he was stealing glances at her, without her knowing.

 *God, this was harder than copying*

Contrastingly, he seemed to like this.
As soon as, the class got over all eyes turned to the couple. "Hey, can I have your note for the weekend. I want to copy whatever I left out", said she.
"Yeah, sure!"
"Thanks Charlie. Curse that idiot. He didn't even listen to my explanation.", saying so she began to get up.
"Hey, Anahita- A quick question?"
"How.....How did u r-remember my n-nn-name?", the last word was almost a whisper.
She gave an animated laugh and said," You expected me not to know your name? I always remembered names. Particularly yours, strangely, in the first day itself. Your name was murmured all around."

*you dumbo...wish you know the reason*

"Anyways see ya, Charlie".

Now coming back to the present, Charlie was gazing at the school, which struck him with strong nostalgia, like the time in which she had taught him a difficult subject after school hours and how they talked for a long time for long a time.

He had mixed feelings and felt nervous.

Atlast, he saw an approaching silhouette. He instantly recognised her. Suddenly he thought, he never should have called her. He slightly became depressed and tried to calm himself and the real image of Anahita approached him closer and closer. She waved at him enthusiastically. He didn't respond.

His heart said ,"Go for it. Don't be afraid." but his head said ,"You are making a big mistake. What if she rejects you for life and terminates the healthy friendship."
*Won't you two ever synchronise?!!!*

He remained there, still unsure what to do. He had not been this nervous even for an exam.

He was waiting for it...... whatever 'it' was.


*.....* - Charlie's thoughts.
Logical errors intended.
This is an ordinary cliche love story, probably a boring one. Yet people fall for it, coz they crave for similar circumstance. Who wouldn't want love?

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  1. Nice love story:) Would like to know what happened next:)

    1. Thank you Bushra...! There is no continuation. You are left to interpret the ending in any way :P

  2. "This is an ordinary cliche love story, probably a boring one. Yet people fall for it, coz they crave for similar circumstance. Who wouldn't want love?"
    Haha :D This is why people fall for your stories. "coz u circuitously ask them to do so :P :P

    Well! talking about the story, it was well-plotted. The point you left the story is where some may want to know what happened next while some may rest with Ahh!!! friendship first, love next. So,Kudos!!!

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. Thank you surbhi...there is no ending...prefer to leave you guys to interpret! :)

  3. this is such a beautiful story, Akash. i did fall for it and with a big smile.. :-)

    1. Thank you rat! Each comment from you lights me up! :)

  4. beautiful story indeed :) mushy -mushy kinda!!
    would seriously want this to happen with me some day :P
    guess i will hv to start studying again :D

    Snuffles Jay
    Meow Connect

    1. Haha!! Thank you snuffles! :) yeah you better study!

  5. *Won't you two ever synchronize?!!!*--- yeah they never do :)
    A nice pretty story, well plotted... cutesy-mushy one :)
    Would like to now the next...

    1. Thank you Ankitha! Yea the heart and mind rarely synchronise!
      I prefer to leave the ending at that! :)

  6. No matter how cliched, the story flowed well. You kept us hooked and when the end was not an ending, we wonder. We love love stories!

    Joy always,

  7. Nice one Akash. I guess u played it in real life, Did U ? keep writing !

  8. Thank you Neo! No, I didn't play it in real life...")


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