Tuesday, 26 February 2013

First 55!

Akash stood patiently and vigilantly with his weapon clutched in his hand firmly.

These cold-blooded criminals have troubled people for years and it was high time they paid for it.

Suddenly one criminal came zooming towards him.

He slashed his weapon fiercely in the air, but in vain.

Mosquitos are real intelligent these days. 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

An Ordinary Arbit-Cliche Love Story!

Disclaimer: Read if you seriously have nothing worth to do!

Charlie came to school everyday. And it was mainly for one reason. No, it was not for studying if that is what you are thinking. Studying was secondary to him. The reason Charlie came to school was to see Anahita. Everybody, except Anahita and the teachers knew that Charlie had a thing/soft corner for her. It was clearly evident in the way Charlie acted around Anahita. Each time, Charlie saw Anahita or she saw smiled at him, Charlie became excited and nervous at the same time. He would not remain still. All his mates giggled and made fun of him (like coughing when Anahita enters the scene) when the two were in the same bench. The first time Charlie saw Anahita, he couldn't take his eyes off her, just mesmerised. She was a bubbly and spontaneous and bright girl. He day-dreamt about her. All the things that were shown in the movies, which earlier he just laughed off, were happening for him also, much to his surprise.

FIFTH ONE! This time my name listed as first! :) 

Now he was waiting in the playground at the school. It was that time before the examinations when the study holidays are on the go. He had come there for a purpose. He had requested Anahita to come to school as he wanted to discuss something important. It had been nagging him for the past few days. That thought racked him and hindered him from studying anything. He wanted it to be cleared once and for all, no matter what. Then only, he thought, at least he could breathe comfortably.

He still remembered the first time she spoke to him, which was after about a month. Yes Charlie was too shy to talk first. It was the 8th of July. That day it so happened that Anahita came late to class. She was breathing hard (apparently from running fast) with a bit of perspiration and nervousness. After a brief warning from the professor, Anahita came trudging along the aisle between the benches, looking for a place near girls to sit. She was so confused that she didn't think upon it and sat in the nearest vacant place. As luck and cliche would have it, that seat was invariably next to Charlie. Oh! The excitement that he underwent that moment. His hands became cold and he kept shifting in his seat. But he pretended to act normal, copying whatever was in the board. Then he felt a soft and warm thing nudging him on the arm. It seemed he must have lost in his love fantasy because when he turned, he saw Anahita wearing an irritable expression.

She was saying," .....sleeping? Hey, wake up, Charlie!", Now she was nudging him hard which surprisingly intimidated him slightly. But that didn't bother him. What bothered him was that his lovely Anahita had remembered his name, HIS NAME. He was completely flabbergasted. He managed to hide his excited smile
and tried to wear an innocent face. Stunned by the sudden movement and 'name calling', unable to speak he made an enquiring gesture.

She resumed her talk,"As you know, I came late due to the crazy traffic near the school."

*Oh, her voice is so sweet as honey, I wish she would never stop. Don't stop dear, keep talking*

"If you don't mind, can you show the notes which I have missed, so that accordingly, I could leave pages, you know", saying this, she gave a smile.

*Look at that, she is smiling at me. Keep smiling, Anahita*.

"Oh sure!" Charlie said,

*I'll do anything for you. You want to tear the notebook, you can, dear. But I can't spare my life, because I never want to leave you*.

At once, he gave his notebook to her with a smile.
"Thank you, Charlie."
After counting the pages, she gave the note to him. They continued to write for over another half an hour.
The class was totally boring. But in his heart, Charlie wanted the period to continue. As, he wasn't listening to the teacher at all. He was writing, allright. But all the while, he was stealing glances at her, without her knowing.

 *God, this was harder than copying*

Contrastingly, he seemed to like this.
As soon as, the class got over all eyes turned to the couple. "Hey, can I have your note for the weekend. I want to copy whatever I left out", said she.
"Yeah, sure!"
"Thanks Charlie. Curse that idiot. He didn't even listen to my explanation.", saying so she began to get up.
"Hey, Anahita- A quick question?"
"How.....How did u r-remember my n-nn-name?", the last word was almost a whisper.
She gave an animated laugh and said," You expected me not to know your name? I always remembered names. Particularly yours, strangely, in the first day itself. Your name was murmured all around."

*you dumbo...wish you know the reason*

"Anyways see ya, Charlie".

Now coming back to the present, Charlie was gazing at the school, which struck him with strong nostalgia, like the time in which she had taught him a difficult subject after school hours and how they talked for a long time for long a time.

He had mixed feelings and felt nervous.

Atlast, he saw an approaching silhouette. He instantly recognised her. Suddenly he thought, he never should have called her. He slightly became depressed and tried to calm himself and the real image of Anahita approached him closer and closer. She waved at him enthusiastically. He didn't respond.

His heart said ,"Go for it. Don't be afraid." but his head said ,"You are making a big mistake. What if she rejects you for life and terminates the healthy friendship."
*Won't you two ever synchronise?!!!*

He remained there, still unsure what to do. He had not been this nervous even for an exam.

He was waiting for it...... whatever 'it' was.


*.....* - Charlie's thoughts.
Logical errors intended.
This is an ordinary cliche love story, probably a boring one. Yet people fall for it, coz they crave for similar circumstance. Who wouldn't want love?

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Making of WAIT FOR IT ! - THE BLOG...!

I am going to be as real and frank as possible. The idea of starting a blog was inspired by my brother's blog. Well, not entirely. He had already started blogging since 2009. In a house of three siblings, we used to fight for the single system in the house. Without doubt, I got to enjoy the system (in early 2000s computers were treated as luxury commodity) for many hours compared to them, as I was the youngest and I had my way. But as I grew up, it became gradually difficult to occupy the system. Suddenly everyone was against me :P. He used to blog at the time when I was free and wanted to play games. So as an initiative to irritate him and make him get up from the seat, I used to stare at the screen :P. Obviously that would make anyone pissed off. At one such instance, he tried to shoo me off and shouted to move away from the system. But I didn't move. I asked him," Whatever is the thing that you are keep on typing for long time?". Without turning. he responded,"It is a blog, you won't understand. Now move off."

Mostly he writes movie reviews. He is a real critic and sees all kinds of movies- Hollywood, English, Hindi and even foreign. He sees all aspects of a film. Even now, when I go through his blog, I have never/ only partly understood it. Not cause I am dumb. Also it is simple English. Maybe it is because I don't watch movies in that much depth?...Whatever, back to here.....at school, particularly from 9-12, I seemed to excel in English as a subject. I prided myself getting above 80% (getting above 80 is a big deal in my school). I was particularly good in the writing tasks such as letter, diary entry or an article. Before 11th grade, the English mark used to be lower than the other subjects. But after it, when I was in a state to at least get a pass mark in a subject, English topped the others. I myself couldn't believe it.

Anyways after getting admitted into my college, by which many were surprised as it was not enggineering, I was a total free bird and had ample free time. My bro then advised me to not waste this time and instead do something worth, learn a new software or anything and not just sit idle. Then came the idea of starting a blog. But I didn't know what to write about. I also didn't know what exactly a blog was. I asked my bro about some tips and ideas to write. He encouraged me to blog about anything I thought or wished. I was totally confused. So as a starter, I gave this name 'WAIT FOR IT' for this blog. It appears to be a cheesy title. Actually this is a one-liner used by the character Barney in the TV show How I met your Mother . But I had a reason for using this. I thought that people would actually wait for it to read my posts. It is true, right? You have to wait for some time to read the next post. I wrote a review of a Sidney Sheldon book as my first post. My bro was impressed with it. He encouraged to write more and also introduced me to the online blogging community. So there I got blog exposure.

To be frank, at first, I felt inferior when I read other blogs. Some bloggers are passionate in their posts, some wrote beautiful poems (I hate poems unless it is simple), some captured amazing photos. Their way of expressing was much more different and impressive than mine. I felt a pang of jealousy, that time. My bro then told not to worry about getting attention or more pageviews and just be my self. Then I forgot everything else. I started writing my own experiences, issues etc; in my own style. Automatically, I got some traffic and appreciation which I liked. I tried not to get too much in the head and enjoyed the flow.

So here it is: Writing I think, is awesome for me. As I said, I am an introvert and can in no way talk the way I do in my posts. I feel that I am more suitable in writing than speaking. Also, writing is expressing myself  from the heart (mostly). Writing can be powerful and vivid in their own way. Words create visuals and pictures in one's mind than an actual scene or a movie does. Writing is like talking for me. Writing is a bit of detailing, creating, imagining, reminiscing, exaggerating, reporting, feeling and more. I relish and cherish every bit of my writing. I am totally enjoying it!  

Fourth one!! :)

Recently in the English exam, there was a question asking to write about a humorous incident in my life. Invariably, I had written as I would have done here in this blog. I think I might have crossed the limit followed in writing for an exam. No formal sentences, improper punctuations, a bit of sarcasm and negative comedy. It was not at all like an article. It was more of a blog post. I added a P.S note too. Now, I am slightly worried. But I can't do anything now, right? Lets hope for the best! Blogging is really awesome!

Keep Blogging!

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Water - An Element Of Surprise!

The below photo was captured by my friend, Abinav, apparently very good in it, as you can see. Actually, this photo was captured as part of a contest for a cultural fest of a particular college. Without thinking, I gave a like for it and proceeded to share the picture. When I saw the picture, it got me thinking. Thinking a lot of things. Water, water, water. Well, it sure can be at both the extremes, the good and bad side. On one hand, when we look at it, water is an indispensable (Yeah, I still remember this word in school textbooks :P) part of our life. It is vital for all living beings and also useful for various reasons right from drinking to washing and also cleaning the hair when a crow shits on you and you not being aware of it until your friends mock at you (that is so not cool :|). If water is not there, we can't survive. On the other hand, the same water has the ability to terrorize us in the form of Tsunami, a giant wave. At the particular angle and imagination, you can sense it in this picture. 

Photo specs:
Camera: Nikon CoolPix P100
Aperture: F3.2
Shutter Speed: 1/1000
ISO sensitivity: 800
It is amazing, isn't it? How water could be both good and evil! The picture could be interpreted and imagined in different ways. I got led into thinking about various memories of mine with water. One of the earliest, most of us would have experienced- making a paper boat and making it float and move in water desperately, pushing the side-water aside. Rotating my hands inside water in a bucket so that it forms a sort of spinning vortex and stopping the current by holding against it, is something I do even now sometimes. And ofcourse, jumping or stamping your legs in the rain puddles. That is awesome. If you had never done any of these, then atleast do it now. It does give a happy feeling when you do it, trust me. It may be childish, but don't give a damn :P. The picture also looks like a fountain. 

We do also have our bad experiences with water. Atleast, when we were small. At school, there were instances where children threw water at each other, particularly aimed for the lower part of the body. No wonder, this erupts a laughter from the others looking at the one who got wet, finally.

More recently, at college, one of my friends had gone to the restroom. It had numerous auto-urinal systems.
You know, the ones that have the red LED light. This technology apparently helps in conserving water, it seems. Anyway the thing is, instead of flushing down, the water spat at my friend and that too right at the spot. Poor him, it was like him being Mr.Bean all over again. We were crying with laughter. It was so funny.
The next time you visit the restroom, move quickly away from the closet, mind it!

“Always be like  water. Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along the wind which touches its surface.”

Monday, 11 February 2013

Unsaid Love!

WOW! Another wow badge!

He unlocked his mobile,
For the hundreth time,
Just to see the wallpaper,
and say,"I love you"
Her beautiful face,
Dusky yet glowing,

Eyes that no one could refuse,
A smile so charming,
A nose that cannot be man-made
Everything about her,
Is so perfect,

Even her attitude,
Which was contrasting to the others,
So, the first time he saw her,
He was already in 'something'
With her.

But the thing is, 
If she was 10 in a scale upto 10,
He was tending to zero,
No wonder,
She had many guys,

Waiting to just meet her,
Just because she was beautiful.
Lucky, some of them were,
She dated them.
Even some, strangely,

She dated again and again.
He felt agony in that fact.

In a few weeks, she was getting married.
He did not want to think of that
With a surge of sadness and mild indignant anger,
He thought to himself,
She didnot even send him an invitation

But then ofcourse, he thought,
She hardly even knew him
He thought of breaking into the marriage,
But hey wait, he thought,
If he broke in,

that would cause her unhappiness,
Partly the reason,
Also he would be 'thrashed'
No, he did not want that,
At least let her be happy,

He thought to himself.
It was all his fault,
He should have approached her at the begining,
While at college,
While she was innocent,

Before she got the 'job',
Now, he felt angry,
With himself and jealous,
For having lost her,
To some moron,
Yes, moron (to his eyes!)

He felt,
No one could care for her,
Like he would,
If given a chance.
He wouldn't and can't
Forget her 

For the years to come,
But alas,
That will remain forever as a dream,
Wait for it!
She is an actress!!  :P

P.S: This imaginary poem could be dedicated to all the single guys out there. Not sure, though.
There may be some factual errors but it doesn't matter as long the idea/gist is OK.
I was contemplating whether to post it or not and had mixed feelings.
But then I thought, what the hell!

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Art of Copying!

Pre.S: This article is just for fun purposes and does not offend anyone in particular or bear resemblence to anyone. Reading and following it at your risk! :P 

Last week, I had exams continuously for 6 days. As usual, our students (not me!) apparently 'don't like' to study much, because you know that is what defines a college student. Don't think low of copying, guys. It may be illegal to practice it but it is one of the main reasons for our boys to score 'reasonable' marks. You can ask us to study and instead and score the legal way, but no, we choose not to follow that. That is out of the question. The thing is, even if we are well prepared, we like to copy. It is like both a job and a hobby. I am including myself in 'we' because, though I have copied earlier (not anymore!), I am now contributing by showing my answers to friends. This can also come under copying, right!!?. I am, well, proud of it, Kinda!
Most of us would have experienced copying directly or indirectly. If not, then you have missed a great part of life :P.

I still remember the episode of Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Athkinson, where he makes us laugh without speaking a dialogue, creating a comical drama before the exam, like for example, deciding to choose a pen from the bunch and setting the pink panther, and trying to make plans of copying in various ways which obviously renders him futile. In the end, he is tricked and fooled because he doesn't know of another optional question paper inside the cover. 

However, you might be thinking why I am blogging about copying in exams. Though we might be experienced in the field of copying, once in a blue moon, some of us get caught. That too, in my college, if they ever found out any copying business, they would confiscate the answer papers and send us out. The teachers are like human hawks. They too, are very intelligent, mind it. So it has been hard in recent times for us.

I am here to classify the various methods of copying:

a) Conventional copying from bits of papers: 
The word bit has almost been incorporated into the Tamil language that I sometimes find it weird to think that it is English. Such is the common usage. This method is the most common and old one, where you write the material that you tend to forget, in small chits of paper and carry it to the exam hall directly.
This might be old, but the most direct way of approaching. Sadly, it has been on the decline as we are been checked once in a while and also unpredictable.

b) Peeping: 
This method is currently in use and very popular. The name says it all. It appears to be easy but this, I think is most difficult, though no actual work is required. You just have to look at the neighbour's paper and write the answers. But you have to check the room, once in every while for the 'police'. This method becomes difficult and dangerous as the room size increases and the number of invigilators increase. Because, there is a high chance that you are always being watched by one or the other. For small rooms, this is very easy.

c) Signal method:
This method could be classified as a more recent one and it sure needs a lot of deftness. I have followed this method at school, as I am not that good at the other two. But beware, while making signs, look out for the invigilators. This method is particularly very useful if the exam happens to be a mutiple choice one (the answers are choices). There is no secret about this. If there are four choices, assign each choice to a symbol that you discuss with your friends before-hand. I, once followed this. The forehead, the nose, the lips and the lower chin as A, B, C, D respectively. This is more subtle because even if you are seen it appears as if you are scratching yourself :P. But on the safer side, be careful. 

This is all I know about copying. There may be other but it will surely come under these categories.

Copying is both a fun and dangerous business. You are bound to enjoy it but also you have to vigilant at all times, especially when the situation appears to be calm. It can be compared to the eye of a hurricane. Believe me, it is damn useful when you are completely blank and haven't prepared a thing.

Copying gives you a adrenaline rush. That is partly the reason to enjoy it.

Have you ever had any experience in copying? If so, share it with me :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

And The Liebster Goes To.....!

Yeah! That is correct, The Liebster goes to me, Akash. Woohoo! First of all, I would like to thank - Himani Agarwal  for nominating me for this award. Thank You buddy. Liebster....hmm....sounds like a cool name :).
Seems there are a few certain rules concerning this award. I too, will follow the same. 

After a quick internet search, I found that Liebster is a german word meaning 'dearest'. That is awesome.

Below given are the rules:
a)  Post 11 things about yourself.
b) Answer 11 questions from the nominator.
c) Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post.
d) Set 11 questions for them.
e) Inform the nominee by commenting in one of their posts.

11 Things regarding myself:
1. I am a real born-Tamil citizen residing in Chennai :)

2. I am a 1st year computer science student who likes web-designing and is hoping to create his own    website for this blog.

3. My favourite food is a list, some of which are: Sangeetha's mini tiffin, any type of noodles, paneer butter   
masala with naan, lasagna, my mom's coffee, any non-vegetarian item etc;

4. I love sarcasm very much, particularly Chandler Bing's in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

5. Some favs: AR Rahman, Lamborghini, Black & White colour, Semi-casuals and sneakers,
 GTA san andreas game etc;

6. Sleeping in winter with the bed sheet full covered is something I want daily.

7. I am usually gentle and calm (outside home ofcourse!) and 95% honest. 

8. I really like my black HP laptop which I got as a gift for my success in 10th exams. 

9. I can't stand when someone becomes right in their argument (one of my bads!) even though
I know I am wrong. I like being accepted and appreciated.

10. I want to visit the whole of Europe, especially Spain, France, Italy and England.

11. I like movies of the comedy genre very much.

Answers for the 11 questions asked by the nominator:
1. What would you name the auto-biography of your life?
     Now I can only think of, 'En Vaazhkai' - 'My life'.

2. One thing when something happened to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best
     A major surgery (took 8 hrs) in my ear, which I thought was a bad idea, but it turned out to be
     positive. My life was practically good from then. All thanks to my parents.  

3. If you could be any fictional character, who would choose?
    Harry Potter, no doubt.

4. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
    The present age, 18, since this is the one which is at the height of awesome-ness!

5. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
     Dumping the garbage of my home at the main one which is outside on the street.

6. Your favourite pick-up line:
     How you doin'?! - said by Joey Tribbiani

7. The best compliment you have got till date.
     Compliments weren't many. It does not even come anywhere near to what I have got, due to this blog.

8. Honest feedback for my blog?
    Actually, I was thinking whether it is possible to nominate you for the same award. Then I thought it would
    be like giving back the award to you. So, in a word, you rock, Keep it up!

9. Blogging to you: is sharing my views and opinions and experiences with the world.

10. What was your last facebook status update?
       Quality of cartoons in cartoon network totally sucks to the core...Most of them are about gods---Krishna or Bheema or Ganesh....hindi la vera....miss the old ones: t & j, looney, swat kats, dex lab, mask; :(

11. What is the most difficult question for you to answer?
       Who created the world? (Lol, I can escape by saying simply 'God' but it had be good if I see a proof with my own eyes. Hold it, I am not against God, But still its a belief, right?)

My 11 questions to the nominees:

1. What is your most embarrassing moment?
2. Craziest thing you did.
3. The person you miss at this moment
4. Have you watched any Rajinikanth movie? If so, which one?
5. Which advertisement do you like on TV?
6. Your best friend has done something wrong to you behind your back, without your knowing.
     What would you do?
7. What is your most precious possession?
8. Which thing do you look for in a date, if at all you have had one before or in the future?
    (Money/ Profession/ Physical appearance/ any other)
9. Favourite hangout place to spend time with your friends.
10. What is your short term dream?
11. Suggest a unique name for my blog, according to what you feel about it.
      The best one may be selected.

God, I really had a good time setting these questions. Honest answers required, buddies. :)

The 11 Bloggers I nominate are:

These are the links to their respective blogs.

I have informed the nominees by commenting on their blogs. Congrats, guys!

I am very proud to have won this award. :)

Good Day!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blueprint for Change!

I am really glad to write this post. A good initiative by blog-adda. Well, everyone in this world has problems in their life. If they don't have any problems and are completely happy, then either there is a problem with them or they are dead. Wow, I just thought of it. Cool, huh? :P. Anyways this particular contest asks bloggers to list out 5 major problems/ concerns, give reasons and provide solutions (blueprint) for the same. I have got a test series next week, yet, here I am blogging. Such addiction. However, the first exam is only English, so no worry :P. So here is my list of 5 major problems:

1.Political System:
Reason: Do I need to tell you? Its pretty much self-explanatory. The political system is fucked up. Most of them in there are oldies :P. Too much corruption and greed in the country.

Solution: Before I proceed, I must tell you that I don't know much about politics (I know the name of our prime minister, It is Dr. Manmohan Singh, right?....Not bad!). I don't know how to put forward the solution. The gist is this: The UPSC exams happen every year, right? Why don't we sack all the present leaders and elect the young, real, outward, courageous, determined students who write this exam (I mean everybody) directly into the political stream. Seems crazy and slightly un-thinkable but if this is ever possible I think our country would really benefit and prosper. Think about it!

2. Clean-Chennai:
Reason: Well, It is the city I was born and it is only logical and correct to care about my city. I love Chennai truly. However, there is one thing which tarnishes the image of Chennai. That is the cooum which meanders, not gracefully, through the city :(. You know, just about 40-45 years ago, the cooum was a beautiful small river, so beautiful that it was used for boating too. But now, the river is a stinking, green liquid which really gives a bad image for my city. It is over-polluted and is beyond cleaning. People do all kinds of shitting there, in addition to factories. And, there is also garbage problem.

Solution:  The government did take some 'steps' in cleaning the cooum. But I don't think there was any progress. The people must do their part too. Stop littering and shitting. Yeah, that is it. Then we have the right to pressurise the government.

3. Language:
Reason: This is a problem which most of the people don't see/care about it. I have already spoken about Tamil in the article Tami'z'h---A'z'hagu (Beauty!) . Give it a read if you want. With the advent of English language trickling into our daily-conversations and also immigration of people from other states (partly) , I feel that it is going to be lost. You know why people don't care about it? Because language is less of an issue after people settle in their life. When money comes into life, they forget about these.
The Language problem is applicable to all regional languages. However, not for Hindi, I think. My personal view is that all languages would gradually get lost with time and Hindi and English emerge as the winners (by 2200 maybe!).

Solution: The solution for this is very difficult to follow. Of course we can't avoid English or prevent immigration. Actually there is no permanent solution, I think. The least we could do is prolong it. But lets hope for the best. It is in the hands of each and every person, especially the ones in urban areas. Try conversing in Tamil for whole sentences and learning the Tamil-equivalent words for English-counterparts. I know it is hard, even for me, but we must preserve our classical language.

4. My 'Introvert'ing problem:
Reason: This is a personal problem :P. I am not that good in socialising as I am in writing (I am good, right?). The reason is, due to a particular 'physical defect' which indirectly (sometimes directly) affects my pronunciation. I can't pronounce some letters such as X,S,F,Z. Because of which I avoid talking most of the time. I get irritated and slightly embarrassed when people ask for a word repeatedly, cocking their heads to the side and I make a sign of the letter in the air. :/

Solution: Over the years, I got used to the problem without a solution. Though my family and close friends understand and advise me to be bold and tell that it doesn't matter if I go wrong in my pronunciations, I ain't satisfied. A possible solution is to practice some words and be bold, which takes a lot of time.

I could think of only four major problems that I think is considerable. However, for the fun of it, I am going to add one more minor issue (no, not an issue, but just a thing).

Quality of cartoons in cartoon network totally sucks to the core. Most of them are about Gods, be it Krishna or Bheema or Ganesh, Animation is of low quality. I miss the old ones like Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Swat Kats, Dexter's Lab and The Mask :(. For this, I am requesting you to give a solution. :P

Have a good day!

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