Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Published in The Hindu!

Getting published in an esteemed newspaper is something which everyone (well, mostly) wishes for. Some may get published if they have achieved something extra-ordinary like topping the CAT or IAS or IIT exams, some might get published for unfortunate reasons like getting arrested or killed in accidents. Everybody is familiar with the Hindu. There is a supplement that comes every thursday - the Nxg. In it there is a exclusive column called 'my space' (Don't know if it's present in all the editions of the Hindu) exclusive for amateur writers like me. Actually I hoped to get published in some newspaper if I topped the 12th examinations. And this hope was 'when'? After I got high (not in that sense :P) on the success of my 10th exams. I was like very confident that I could easily top in the 12th with a little bit more of effort. Now when I look back, I can't help myself suppressing a laugh. In 12th at school, I was in a state of mind like his- Oh God! Atleast let me pass in this! Oh, you don't worry, I scored a decent percentage in the mains :P. 

Anyway back to topic, I was unfortunate not to get published in any newspaper. So I thought, why not write something for the paper. Though I knew, my chances of getting published were too low. Coz, you know its the Hindu, man. In truth, this article which I wrote was already written (put) in my blog. I just copied the whole thing and sent it to the official mail of the Hindu. This was in August 7,2012. 

My article in the Hindu!
Then I waited for every thursday for two-three weeks. Though I got a little sad, I understood the situation. Definitely there would be a lot of better writers than me. Right? And its the Hindu! They don't kid themselves by publishing silly articles posted from this heart. As days passed, I totally forgot about it. Then after about 3 months (actually three months accurate-it was November 8th), I was in for a pleasant shock that morning. There it was, my article, on page 4 of the Metroplus, with my name and college in bold fonts :). Usually when I achieve something I remain humble, basking silently in the success, lest I be called as Arrogant. But I am not going to bother about it now. A little bragging won't do any harm, right? :P I was and am still in cloud nine. It was one of the most proudest moments. Though I knew the editors cut short it too much and all the main essence was sucked out of the original and also my article was in the backlog for three months (means: I think that they published it, since they ran out of genuinely good articles). But I din't care, my name got published in a widely read english newspaper across the country. I am happy :). Thought I could share it with you guys.

Not only did I get published, I also won a voucher for 1000 Rs /- from Sting Clothing. :D 

I bet the picture's not of good resolution. Don't worry :P. Here is the link for the original article: 

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Chennai Auto Expo 2012!

Harley Davidson Bikes
Last month of 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the Auto expo at the Chennai Trade Centre, which happens to be very near my house. I was fascinated by cars from a very small age, which was probably due to the incredible number of hours playing racing games such as Need For Speed: Most Wanted etc; In India, it is hard to spot any exotic cars except in rare cases, in which those are mainly owned by celebrities and/or politicians. Also, unlike the other metros in the country, in Chennai it is even more a rarity. Only in the recent times, the number of previously unseen foreign cars (such as BMW ) are taking a toll gradually. The cars that I like can be made into a list, but my all-time-favourite is and will be the Lamborghini. It so happened that the Lamborghini was also on display in the expo. As I have never seen a Lambo in real, I was very eager and excited to go to the expo and couldn't 'wait for it' (A happy coincidence! :P).

A double treat, because the entry was free. To my amazement, there was astonishing crowd in the expo. There were many people, some who had come to test drive the new releases by the 'locals', some who had come to buy and some like me just to gaze at the new, shining, glazing metal of the autos. Beside the cars, there were also bikes like the Harley-Davidson and the local Hero Honda, Yamaha etc;

The Lamborghini Gallardo!

But the main attraction was without doubt the three exotic cars- Lambo, Ferrari and the Audi! I stood for a long time gazing at the Lambo. Sadly people were forbidden to touch these beastly beauties or even come near them for that matter. Actually, these three cars are owned by the members of the Madras Exotic Car Club (MECC- the name is self-explanatory). I attended the expo for two days out of the three.

The Three Exotic Cars

The second day, I went to the expo with my friend who had come here for holidays. This time I was lucky enough to to the sound of the Lamborghini. The owner only started the motor of the car. Oh my God, I have never heard such a tremendous, beastly sound. The sound resonated and reverberated around the whole exhibition, which was greater than the Ferrari and the Harley-Davidson bikes. Below are some of the other beauties that were for sale. Next to the Lambo, I like the BMW. Just look at those head-lights, the double grills in the front and the sturdy curves. No one can hate it. I also liked the new release by Mitsubishi (Pajero).

BMW 530d
Mitsubishi Pajero 


I know it is crazy when I say this but even so--- to buy the Lamborghini. Firstly it is not utilitarian and secondly it definitely is not suitable for the Indian standards. We all know how awesome our roads are! It would be like punishing my Lambo! :P.

P.S: All the above photos were captured by the author i.e me; so no copy, Okaaay! :P. Not that anyone is going to, but still!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Home!

Those 12 years from my birth,
Ah, those were the reminiscent times in K.K.Nagar.
With thick foliage and tall trees 
Lined in almost every avenue, 

I woke up daily to the sound of
Sacred Hymns and Bhajans,
Which resonated from, wait for it (:P),
Not my home, but from the house downstairs.

Famous for the PSBB school, 
Where, by the way, I studied amongst hundreds,
Notable for the famed Saravana Bhavan,
First opened here and the Big Shivan Park,

Where several people have leisure,
The Ananda Bakery and Look 'n' Pick,
Which dominated the area,
The Vinayagar (Ganesh) temple 

Which drew large crowds.
The people speaking the Brahmin-tamil baashai to
Which we took time to get accustomed to,
because you know, we knew 

The Madras-Tamil Baashai only.
My Home was located in this beautiful,
Bustling, social environment.
I cannot forget the unique smell of

My sweet home, the aroma of hot coffee,
The smell of milk white jasmine.
I cannot forget the smell of 
The lizol (:P), the smell of the walls,
The smell of the ever worked up kitchen.

Now I have shifted elsewhere. 
But the memory of my Home 
Could not be shifted
With no-where to go!

K.K.Nagar is a planned locality in Chennai, where I resided for 12 years.
Look 'n' pick is a stationary store.
Baashai in english is language.

Not the best of poetry, but still!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

That Frozen Moment!

Normally I don't get emails on a daily basis, except for ads from online shopping sites such as jabong, snapdeal etc; and of course the facebook notifications coz- both my fb account and e-mail account are linked, you know. Once in a while I get updates from forums and sites in which I registered a long time back (eg: And oh 'yeah', whenever someone comments on my blog or votes for a post on 
Indi-blogger or blogadda, I get the info by mail. You know, I get that a 'lot'. 

So, one day, as usual, after I came back home from college, I started my routine- checking my mail and facebook, watching the latest episodes from different TV series or watch a movie. I logged in to my gmail account and casually looked at the new emails highlighted. The first one was the usual facebook notification- one of the guys had posted a status. I saw the second mail and froze, my jaw dropped half-open. The mail was from my secret crush. She has been my crush, like for, 2 years or so. Don't know exactly. Nevertheless, I was completely astonished. She talks not that much to me in class and also not the kind of person who comes online or chats or send e-mails for that matter. As far as I know, she is an introvert. That joy had no bounds. Suddenly, my hands were mildly shaking with nervousness with a tinge of wetness appearing in my palms. 

I slowly rubbed my wet hands, placing my right palm on the mouse and clicked on the mail. I froze for the second time when I saw what she had written. OMG!... 
It said," Hey Akash, How you doing? I have seen you looking at me frequently for long moments. But when I turn to look at you, you immediately shift your gaze away from me. See, I am no fool. This has happened a number of times. Let me save you the trouble. I think you are in love with me. Well, guess what, I am also in love with you. I like the way you express yourself, your serene attitude. I am waiting for your reply. I was contemplating whether to send this email to you or not. 
Love, your Love"
Bazinga!....This was what I thought before clicking on the mail. LOL!
I slowly rubbed my wet hands, placing my right palm on the mouse and clicked on the mail.
When I saw what it was, I let out a low sigh and was partly sad, as it did come anywhere near to my fantasy.
It was just an ordinary forward consisting of a set of jokes about sardars. (*I don't understand why there are jokes on sardars*). I was like, oh yeah, as if she is gonna send a proposal. Oh God, why do I think extreme like this.

P.S: LOL..... Double Bazinga!...The above is fictitious...hahaha....I don't have any crushes in the first place....Haven't had any frozen moments reading mails...Couldn't think of anything else!! Hope you liked this fiction and troll story! :P :)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

My second WOW Badge!! Wow!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New 2013!

This is the first day of 2013. Sadly, the previous year ended off in shame and loss for India. This 'madness' of these kind of men has got to stop. Right! As if they are gonna listen. Nope. Like I said in my previous article, these animals must be shot down in public. I know it is the first day of the new year, and you must be like 'Way to kill the jolly mood of the new year!' with rolling eyes. Right. Until something is done about these sex maniacs by our government. Atleast 2013 should kick off in style by punishing them. That is the least that could be done for the brave-heart victim who lost her life. 

I hope 2013 will bring good luck, happiness and harmony. So much for the Doomsday- December 21,2012 and the Mayans! Now we can live our lives without unnecessary worries. 

I don't make resolutions like......officially on the new year day. And Evidently, they are not gonna be followed. Ofcourse, I do have some things to change about myself. Firstly, being less of an introvert and being more socialistic. I hope to write more for this blog and improve it. To make lots of friends in the blogosphere and elsewhere also. It sounds nice to say but its really hard to follow. I hope to come near to achieve them.

Happy 2013!

I request to those of you who are reading this and who are familiar with my blog, to take time and just click "join this site" :P. It hardly takes a second. Particularly the guys in Indi. Come on guys, I need some traffic for my blog. Seems lame, right? But I don't care :P. Haha!

I wish my fellow bloggers in Indi and others a very happy, awesome 2013! :) What's your resolution for this year? 


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