Thursday, 27 December 2012

Jurassic Park! (Michael Crichton)

I am quite sure that most of you would be familiar with this name. I am too late to write a review for this masterpiece. Obviously, I saw the movie, which achieved critical acclaim similar to the book, but a long time before. The funny/crazy thing is (some might laugh), until recently I didn't know there was a novel.
But I am happy to have read this book 'now' since this book has lots of references to science. This book could be lot more appreciated if the reader is more mature.

This thriller, written by Michael Crichton, as you know, deals with the dinosaurs of different species, cloned from the fossils buried in the earth millions of years ago, kept in Jurassic park situated on an island called Isla Nublar off the coast of Costa Rica and how things went awry when a group of people including two kids, come for an inspection cum tour of the park.

Jurassic Park!

The storyline is new and un-explored (atleast for me) and gripping after 80 pages. I liked the way Crichton changed from one scene to another scene in bits. The terror, horror and the trepidation created by the dinosaurs (the velociraptors especially, oh my). I was fascinated by the little, intricate details of the size, movements etc of each and every dinosaur. The tryannosaur comes for most part of the book. But the velociraptors' part, though small, was more terrifying. The 'Kill' made by the animals is described explicitly from the Following the prey, the Sniffing, the sudden without warning Charge with the animals' claws stretched outward, the Tearing of the limbs and intestines of the victim. Believe me, the author has done it more awesome. Though it is fiction, when you read the book, you'd kinda want to see these animals, the dangers apart of course. But I thought the author could have added a map of the park. At some places, the directions were a bit confusing. The character Ian Malcom irritates me with his long monologues about chaos theory. I was like 'Why the hell can't he shut up'. Though his predictions came to be true.
'Imagination is the most powerful graphics chip' - Sheldon Cooper.
And this book proves to be so. I am going to watch the movie version again after a long time. But it is without doubt I say, the movie can't be compared to anything I have imagined. If anything, maybe it could come close but not overtake it. According to me, books are more entertaining and awesome than the movies.

(This is the last post of 2012. 22 posts in six months. Wow! I cant believe myself. Kinda proud! :P. Thank you fellow bloggers for your appreciation and comments :). Hope to increase the blog traffic at least next year :P. I wish you a happy and prosperous 2013! :) )

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Shoot These Animals!

The recent news of the ruthless gang rape of a 23 year old woman, by four people, in a moving bus in Delhi has shocked the country. I really do not know how these people have the guts. 2013 is going to be born in just over a week. Is this really the way we are going to sign off this year? Definitely no. If anything, it should be in style. But alas, this incident has brought shame.

What pleasure do they obtain in doing such a heinous thing to a woman! Instead they could go to a brothel to satisfy themselves. These people are mad and crazy. No, they don't come under the category of people. They come under animals- animals filled with raw, carnal lust. Probably, these animals look at women, as if they were toys. This outrageous-ness must be put to an end immediately and for all the years to come. It is high time, women can walk freely in this country at whatever time they wish without fear. Installing CCTV's in buses and other public transport systems, as said by the government can help but a more stringent and severe judgement must be made in this case, so that in the future such incidents won't happen again.

Shoot them up !

You know what I think should be done to these animals? Not hanging them. They must be stripped down to the core and shot by multiple executioners. This should have a video footage so that the world could watch it. I read in an esteemed newspaper that suggested chemical castration which takes out the sexual arousal in men. But, in my opinion, this shooting thing seems a more appropriate and severe verdict. Infact, I think this must be passed as a bill or brought into effect for all rape cases to prevent such incidents.

In addition to this, I must add one thing. This is a note to all young ladies and women :

"If you still don't have faith or hope in the government and men, then I suggest you practice some kind of martial arts or carry a stunning electrical device (I don't know its name) with you always to protect yourselves from any dangerous 'animals' ! ".

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Last Sprout!

I came into this earth jutting out from the soil,
Very innocent and small.
All around me, I saw my brothers and sisters,
Talking seriously about something,
which at that time I couldn't understand.

I was told that I was gifted as I was born,
as a result of a bird's providential droppings.
I was told that my home was in the Western Ghats 
I loved my home, for it was like paradise
And what every tree like me would wish for.

As I began to grow into a magnificent tree,
of great height, I found that,
my relatives were of eucalyptus family,
Also I am of great value to the Human beings.
My uses are numerous.

I learnt from my siblings,
that our species is getting destroyed
gradually by the humans.
I used to curse them,
and mourned for my dead brothers.

This is the year 2097.
All my friends are slowly dying,
cut by the humans for building settlements.
Now I am lonely, with no one beside me.
It is just a matter of time before I am dead.

I wish to ask a question to you humans,
You use us in every possible way,
for our whole lives, What harm could
we have possibly done to you,
that you want to kill us mercilessly?

Just because we can't talk
like you, it doesn't mean,
we don't have emotions and feelings.
Oh God! Please help us!
I am Dying!

An Anonymous tree in the Western Ghats

P.S: My first 'so-called' poem. I really don't have a poet's imagination or style :P.
        This poem talks about deforestation as a main cause of destroying trees though 
        there are many

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