Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Is Our Conscience Dependent or Independent?

Today was an amazing day at my college. The last period was English. My professor informed us to bring a copy of The Devoted Friend written by Oscar Wilde downloaded from the net, since we didn't recieve our books yet. Then he decided to start a discussion. He posed to us, two questions. 1. What have we done for our friends till now? and 2. Has your friend ever manipulated you in any way?

First of all,I would like to confess that I am a kind of introvert. So discussions/debates make me somewhat nervous. Not that my professor forced everyone to talk. But, nevertheless, I have been wanting to come out of this shell. While, a thousand different things (an exaggeration! :P) came to my mind, many guys stood up and shared their views. In my mind, I thought about my friend and our pasts. In 10th grade, I had the courage to show a complicated brain diagram to my friend which I had drawn in the Science exam in quarterly. Later, he thanked me profusely. My friends have also manipulated me in different ways, but for only petty issues like forcing me to take leave to school (11th). Now to the present, the guys were talking about manipulation by friends. I really don't know how the topic transformed from manipulation to our conscience. I probably was too engrossed listening to them that I forgot that it had changed. Two guys were saying that their conscience is not influenced by society and independent. Yeah, now I remember, this came from 'Can we be influenced by our Friends and to what extent'. Some, like 8 guys stood and began giving their opinions,, turning into a hot debate.

I raised my hand, and sir nodded. I told something like this ," I have something to say sir. But I don't know whether I am right or wrong. According to me, when we are born as babies, we have nothing such as conscience. As we grow up, all our values are being taught by parents, other elders and importantly we are shaped by the school, where again we are taught values. So I think there itself we are influenced by the society". The professor gave a subtle smile and the debate went on. One guy (from the two guys, also my friend), a malayali native, was asked by the other guys whether he chooses to speak malayalam due to his conscience. I could see clearly that he was beating about the bush. Language, I think, we speak not due to our conscience. Then the bell went "TRRRRRRRRR".

After the class got over, as me and my friend were going to the railway station, my friend and I continued to talk on the topic. He told an amazing point. This might be a little adult-y but I am going to be as subtle as possible (my conscience). His point was this. In the teenage years of a person (puberty), he might 'definitely' see some 'sensual' scenes, which the person cannot possibly escape from. (I think the word here is) Naturally, he will be tempted to see more such scenes, because the reason is, ....... lets say, it gives him excitement (:P). The decision to see/not see more such scenes is decided by his own conscience. It may be a weird point but when I came to think about, I feel that my friend may be right. I told my friend that he could have said this but he thought that it was weird to discuss such issues in classes. Now, again that is his conscience (influenced), don't you think ? :P. Because our society treats it as taboo.

So, to conclude, there are two sides to this.
But, I still believe that our conscience is influenced, if not whole, at least to a certain extent.

Readers, I welcome you to share your views. :)  

Monday, 26 November 2012

Cartoon Comic #1!

My first attempt at a cartoon comic. It was really fun doing it. Readers, Do give in your comments... :)

P.S: The comic was one of the SMS forward I had in my mobile. I decided to give it a comical    look!!!..... :) :P

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Reminiscent Times!

Photos are captured by people for a variety of reasons. They may be just for art or it might be useful in gathering evidences for a crime (:P) or they may be to capture a moment of celebration or achievement. But the most important reason people capture photos is to remind them of old memories; Back then, how their lives were and how it makes them wonder how life had changed miraculously with time. One thing is for sure when people look at their past pictures. They are bound to remember something or the other related to that picture  or an incident which happened whilst taking the picture. It is really fun to view past photos of our life and my mom, without fail, whenever she views old photos, reminisces very beautifully and also not to forget 'animatedly' (particularly when there is also a guest viewing the pictures). Sometimes I get embarrassed, whenever a stupid/funny (you know what I mean!) photo (when I was small! mind it :P) comes up and my mom bursts out laughing with the guest also joining in it. I try to laugh with them, trying to take it easy, but its really hard.

Me at 8 
This particular picture was captured when I was about eight years old, in the beautiful, lush Brindavan garden at Mysore, Karnataka by my brother.

As you can see clearly, my teeth 'was'  in a disorder when I was small.
When I try to smile, two of my incisors stick out prominently like Bugs Bunny. Actually, I do remember that moment when this photo was taken. Those days, (probably even now!) often, I did the opposite of whatever people said, particularly when their tone is pleading, just to intimidate them(or say, to have my way). For instance, when my mom asks not to step inside the house with my slippers on, I would enter the house on purpose, just to irritate her a little bit (similar such situations).

First, when I posed like this, my brother started laughing, saying "Don't show your Bokka Pallu! (Improper Teeth in english)". But, I decided to act against him (thinking that I am kinda winning), continuing to smile in the same way. Shaking his head, he clicked this picture. Years later, when I look at this picture, I wondered I did like this. I should have listened to him. But, all the people who have seen this photo, gave a short laugh and commented that it was funny and natural. Not only do I remember this, but also the other things about Mysore; The first time - I tried my hand on a flute, I rode in a chariot driven by actual horses through the city of Mysore. Interestingly, I found that when we see old photos we could also remember the songs that were played at that time. When I saw the Mysore photos, I instantly remembered the songs of a Tamil movie (Dum Dum Dum) that were played repeatedly in the travels' car during the trip.

Now when I look at this, I smile to myself and wish I could go back to those days.        

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Heights Of Vettiness and Joyness!

The month of November is awesome, right till this moment. From the time I joined college, I have been free like anything. Particularly this month (from 1-22), in which I had my semester exams, was like a holiday. The 1st of November itself was declared leave (my first exam got postponed), because of cyclone Nilam which created a havoc in Tamil Nadu. Believe me, it was not like a semester itself. In addition to that, I had only four exams [:D]. There was the semester 'study' holidays (oh wow!). I marveled myself by sleeping for long hours continuously. Nothing beats that feeling of happy satisfaction than covering yourself with a blanket in cold winter night-day-evening for long hours. Taking naps during winter time is really, really comfortable.

When I was not sleeping, I watched sit-coms like The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family etc; and watched movies back to back in my system, while downloading new movies simultaneously. I did read for my exams, but as usual late hour studies. I really didn't get the mood to study [:P]. I did my exams well. Then what!- Holidays till the next semester begins which was today.

As Diwali was approaching, my mom started making sweets and savouries like murukkus, gulab jamuns, adhirasams. I could not help myself from munching those sweets. From time to time, I sneaked into the kitchen to check if any new items were made. But, ultimately, I get scolded by my mom, who has sharp ears like a - 'whichever thing that has sharp hearing'. On Diwali day, I didn't do anything special- wore new dress, ate plenty of sweets, watched back to back movies. Readers, in the upcoming diwalis, I advice you this. That evening, we went to a family friend's house. As I stepped outside, I was in for a colorful feast to the eyes. The night sky was blazing with lights of vibrant colour emitted by the rockets that
were being 'sent' to the sky by other people.                      Remember, the sky is common to all. You can
view this beautiful visual at other people's expenses. Don't waste your money in buying expensive crackers, instead watch others bursting it. Your money saved; environment saved by you; also your pleasure saved. After the festival of lights
got over, I was back to routine---sleeping.
But, this time, I cut some of it by learning some new things like animation and also went out with my friends.

Today my college reopened for the second semester. Being the first day, nothing happened worthy and I returned home early, to my mother's surprise, and had a hot cup of coffee with its rich aroma.

By the way, Vetti-ness means Idleness in Tanglish (Tamil+English)  !

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A School Story! #1

We all like to laugh. Especially me, I like to laugh freely. That is why, I like movies that are tagged comedy. I make it a point to watch sitcoms and comedy clips everyday. Infact, they say, 'laughter is the best medicine'. It strengthens our immune system, boosts our energy, diminishes our pain, relieves our tension. 
Above all, laughter is free of cost for everybody.

At the end of the 10th grade in school, I was one of the happiest and proudest people. I had got very high grades at my 10th public examinations and was in cloud nine. This pride might have changed to vanity. I even joined IIT coaching classes at the end of summer holidays, in the hope, I could crack the JEE ( now, I am chuckling to myself, lol ). It was the first mistake I did. My 11th grade was like learning greek and latin. In this scene, there was these IIT classes which were even worse. My marks plummeted down horribly. It all started with the first U.T physics examination. I gave my efforts, as I did before, like in the previous years. Even now, I remember, I got 56 out of 100. I was very upset that day. Though the class top mark was some 80/85 (I don't remember :P), I was silent all day and didn't take interest in anything, since I was not used to getting low marks. I was hating, angry over myself and pondering how to tell this to my mom. But my friend, in the name of cheering me up, was laughing and making jokes. I tried, with all my might not to laugh, but to my surprise, his laughter broke the silence, I forgot the whole thing and started laughing too (atleast for that time being).

When I came home after school, I was like being the nicest person on earth to my mom, doing all the favours for her which I usually don't and even buttering up. But my mom is brilliant, she immediately got suspicious and enquired whether any answer papers had been given. Not used to hiding anything from her (later this habit changed!), I ended up telling her. As usual, it was diwali time that day. Emotions ran high such as anger, tension, depression, irritation etc; At first, I defended myself (may have shouted at times :P) starting with teacher's strict correction, class' low average, my friends' mark etc; But the more we argued and shouted, the more we got tensed. After a point, I lost all energy and decided to remain silent. I listened and nodded to everything, that was said. Calmness was restored back in the house. I learnt that, remaining silent and listening to the speaker intently, solves arguments and also earns us a good name.

All depends on the situation. 'Sometimes, the anger or irritation of the person can be broken by laughing heartily (especially if it is your friend). In other times, silence can do wonders and solves the problems'.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ride With Rango!

From my childhood, I have loved cartoons. Who doesn't? Those people who were born in the 90's or just before that, would be familiar with popular cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Dexter's Laboratory, Dragon BallZ, Spongebob Square Pants, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Mask etc; and many more. I think that the present generation cartoons featuring in cartoon channels, are not that entertaining. Believe me, even now, I like watching Tom & Jerry (The old 'Hanna-Barbara' ones) and The Loony Tunes Show.

Technology has drastically improved in different fields. Especially in movies, in recent times, hardly any movies can be found without the usage of computer graphics/ effects/ animation. A separate genre has 
come- 'Animation' (I love this word!) apart from the conventional genres like romance, action etc; In the recent years, a great number of movies have been made (For eg: Toy Story), and surprisingly, many of them have won different awards. This genre is as entertaining and scintillating as the others. And the thing is, contrary to the beliefs that these type of movies can only be enjoyed by kids, these movies can be watched by everyone.  

A still from Rango
This movie, Rango, which I watched two weeks
back was, to put it in a word, 'Awesome'. I have been watching animation movies lately. With every movie, the next one becomes more entertaining than the previous one. The movie is about a pet chameleon, who gets separated from his master in the middle of a highway, cutting through the mojave desert and the 'adventures' he undergoes in the subsequent days. I am not willing to reveal the story.

Rango (2011), directed by Gore Verbinski, story by himself and John Logan, music by legend Hans Zimmer, stars Johnny Depp [:)] as Rango, Isla Fisher as Beans, Ned Beatty as Mayor, Bill Nighy as Rattlesnake jake (lent their voice for the characters). Almost immediately, I recognised the loud, heroic voice of Depp. The movie has an interesting plot with rich, colourful, picturesque visuals that is a feast to the eyes. The CGI animation done by Industrial light and & magic (true to its name) have done a very remarkable job. Particularly, I liked the cowboy costume, worn by Rango (as seen in the above picture). The locations in the desert, all the characters and the backgrounds are intricate. The movie is fast paced with plenty of action (many chases and fight scenes), doses of comedy and romance sprinkled here and there. Background score by Zimmer is just, wow, no one could ever do it. For instance, the music that follows after Rango introduces himself, and the ride scene, is stimulating and stylish. Infact, I downloaded the soundtrack from the internet. Also, there are a few memorable dialogues that got etched into my memory.

'Ain't no one gonna tango with the Rango!' - One of the punch dialogues used by Rango.

'Rango is stylish, fast-paced, wild and spontaneous'.


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