Friday, 26 October 2012

Pizza - A Thriller Treat!

Quality films are on the rise in Kollywood (For those who do not know: It is the hollywood of Tamil Nadu) again. And, this movie is definitely no exception. Before I watched this movie today, many weeks before, when I saw the posters for 'Pizza', I was like, who would name a movie like that?. But, I was completely wrong when I watched it. The movie is aptly titled and no other word/phrase would have made justice.

Poster Of Pizza
Directed by newbie, Karthik Subbaraj (also story and screenplay) and starring Vijay Sethupathi (as Michael), Remya Nambeesan (as anu) in lead roles and 'Aaadukalam' Naren (Yeah!- The Aadukalam that won national awards), Jayakumar, Pooja in supporting roles, the movie revolves around a pizza delivery man and his newly married wife. The thrill/horror begins at 15-20 minutes into the movie. It all starts when the lead actor enters a large bungalow to deliver a pizza.

Well, apart from the usual elements like darkness,
blood, crude weapons, big, isolated, eerie mansion that applies to the genre of horror; there is 'more' to this movie. To start with, there is a 'pizza'. Oh yes, that is all I can say. And, I guarantee, that this pizza won't make you go hungry, definitely not 'hungry'. Oh, the horror! Luckily, I bought popcorn and kept munching it as loudly as I could (with the hope, I could eliminate the terrifying BGM atleast!). More than the horror, it is the suspense in the movie, which remains throughout the movie.

According to me, the performance by the cast is commendable and deserves appreciation. Especially
the lead actor (Vijay) acted brilliantly. There are only two songs in the movie which makes it look lengthier. The Background music by Santhosh is outstanding, gives you the adrenaline surge (And what with the already cold atmosphere inside the theatre- at one instance, I clutched my chest involuntarily) at the unexpected moments. The editing is slick and the photography, well, I can say it scared me for unneccessary things. The director and the entire unit have done a wonderful job. Believe me, there are a lot of twists and turns till the end. At the intermission, I was totally blank with confusion. I came up with different theories and deductions about the story and discussed it with my friend (who, by the way was scaring me at every moment he could find). Alas, I failed in my guesses and it turned out be completely different.
The movie's storyline is fresh, spicy, a thriller treat and definitely worth the money.

'Pizza, known to make our mouths water (usually), brought horror in me (probably you, when you see the pizza in the movie).' 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Immortal Time ..... I wish!

Time and Tide wait for none.... I don't like this saying sometimes, especially during exam days, when time seems to go fast during break/leisure times and during studying for/writing the exam. Time is a factor which cannot be stopped. It goes on its own accord. If I had the power to change something, that would be time, at my wish. I can rewind to the past and see things for myself, for instance, my parents' marriage ( like it comes in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets & Prisoner of Azkaban ). 

I could go back in time and see events I would want to 'relive' again or 'watch' for the first time, for example, the 1983 world cup when India won (Note the difference between relive and watch). When I grow to be old, I could rewind my life back to my childhood days till it goes to the old age and repeat again and again like the 'for' loop in computer science, having power to change only minor events. It should be programmed in such a way such that it does not affect others. This might be a wild idea. But I could write my public examinations again by rewinding back to january, having just enough time to prepare for it, now that I know the question paper and get All India first (:P). If I can change time, I could go back and complete my half-learned cycling practices. Another logically true but fictitious thing, if I had the power to change time, is I would be knowing all the things (eg: calculus) when I go back to childhood, since my memory would not change. So I would not be going to tuitions, naturally conserving time for more free time, in which I could learn new things or simply enjoy my extra time in my life. 

I could go back and experience those wonderful memories that I had at my school, with my friends. I could rewind then and there to avoid late comings. I could rewind the night before the exam repeatedly until I become thorough with the portions.

Sometimes, I like Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, not because he was evil, but he would have remained immortal if he had not been killed. Well, in this case what I have said, it is not exactly immortal but I am re-living my life again, with my beloved ones again.

Having power over time, can make one 'perfect' illegallyI wish I had the power to change time, but alas, no friggin-body can change it!

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Waking up, now that September has ended...!!!

Well...This is kind of apt for me. Not that I had been sleeping all through september. But, because I turned 18 recently, on september 24, the last month. This september, I am in college. A new "me" was re-born last month, rising from the ashes like a phoenix does when it is reborn (yeah!...I am crazy about the harry potter world!). I think like this every year during my birthday, motivate myself, take some serious resolutions to follow during that year, but like 'most' of us would have experienced, all becomes useless. 


This year, when I turned 18, I do not know what it was, but I felt a newly found energy within me. I think that at 18, people are reborn (not literally). People leave school, which is like a second home to them and enter college, which is an entirely new world to them. They get a new perspective on life. Suddenly I feel active everyday, wanting to try something new. I realised that there is so much in life to experience and to learn. I am a person who follows his routine. This year I have inducted a series of things that I want to do/learn, some of which I have already started; for example: the thing I am doing right now (blogging!), travelling by electric train etc; Apart from that, I want to learn driving, play keyboard, read a 'lot' of thriller, drama novels; learn and excel in photography, photoshop editing, create my own web designs and animations, read the newspaper daily (:P till now didnot have that habit :P);

watch a lot of movies of all genres and sitcoms, increase my collection of drawings, listen to 
versatile types of music, maintain my health, write a big story on my own etc;The list goes on and on. 

Basically, I want to try anything which is new and that which interests me. The most important thing 

I decided upon was to become independent. Being independent gives a sense of power.
For instance, the power of making your decisions.
Now that I am in college, time seems to be aplenty, so I hope to learn as many new things as 
possible this year. I have also joined a club at college. As I have written in my previous 
article - "Picking the Plastic" (, I want to contribute to the environment in my own way and encourage others too.

'Be Independent, Do new, Enjoy life' - That is the thing I am going to follow. that has september has ended, I have woken up and am ready to rock the world! 

Wait For It!

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Shining! - Review

The Shining (1980) is a horror movie, adapted from the novel (written by Stephen King) of the same name, directed by Stanley Kubrick. I am not a fan of horror movies, especially, after I watched some scenes of The Grudge and The Exorcist. I never wanted to see a horror movie again. But, since my English teacher asked us to write a movie review for a horror movie as an assignment, and also because I thought to myself, I've grown up, why not watch it....I watched. I have heard that The Shining is one of the top rated horror movies of all time. So, I decided to watch it. But, it seems I am still scared of this genre because, invariably I watched the movie during the day and I removed my earphones then and there (:P). 

A Still from The Shining
The movie stars Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duvall, Danny Lloyd etc; I am not going to tell the whole story except a gist of it. Watch it for yourselves. The movie revolves around Jack Torrance, a writer, his wife, Wendy and his 'abnormal' son, Danny who move into an isolated hotel for a five month stay in the winter season, during which, terrible and horrendous events happen. I have not watched that many horror movies earlier, but I found that this movie was not as terrifying as the others....or.....I don't know. But, I can tell you this, the film does give you the chills. As you can see from the above picture, I found Jack Nicholson's face frightening even when he seems to be calm. I don't know why. I personally liked the kid.

The first thing that should be appreciated, is the movie's outstanding background music. I guarantee that it gives you the scares. In my opinion, the casts' performance was commendable. I also noticed that the americans' conversation was much more polite and courteous than what it is now. From the location, the isolated 'Overlook' (the name of the hotel), to its eerily vibrant interiors, to the 'extremely' cold winter season (the hotel is buried half in snow at one point of time), to the large maze garden (similar to that which comes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!), the director has excelled. The movie does not look like it was shot in 1980, but futuristic. The ghosts and illusions that the family encounter is convincingly realistic for a 1980 film (From 2012 perspective). In one such scene, a cascade of blood is shown flowing down from an elevator which I found vivid and cannot be erased. The splendid usage of the camera and some techniques (for instance: quick repetition of scary images) makes the movie all the more spine-chilling.  

'The combination of the reverberating background music, the pale face of Jack, with the creases on his forehead, the horrific, enigmatic, wide smile from his lips and the fixating eyes that pierces, is bound to keep you at the edge of your seats'. I dare you to watch the movie alone at the night on your computer, with the headsets plugged into your ears (with full volume!), unlike me.(:P)


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