Saturday, 22 September 2012

Impact Of Social Media On Kids!

"Rahul, dinner is ready. Come fast!" says the mom. Rahul (11), chatting with a friend types into his keyboard "mom" and proceeds to go after shutting his system. The new generation kids go gaga over high tech gadgets such as the iphone, ipad and all other products from Apple. Not only apple products, Kids now own high end smart phones and tablets at the small age of 10 to 11 years. I don't know the exact age group, but as far as I know I have seen kids in this age group logging in and out of facebook, orkut and other social networking sites.

Frankly, when I was at this age I did not even possess an email-account. I created my first yahoo! account at the age of 13 to be precise. And that too for what!---in our school there was this educational site providing maths knowledge known as heymath! which releases activities and videos relating to maths stuff, teaching concepts through animation time to time. At school we were asked to do those assignments consisting of numerous sums for our practice. The solutions too were provided by the site. It actually did help in scoring more in my math.

These days, children are glued to their PC's or laptops spending their time on social networking sites. When asked what they do, they tell, to socialize with people. Oh Really!!. As far as I have seen all they do upload pictures to get more likes, post silly statuses etc; In my opinion, kids do not need social networking sites. Actually it makes them more mechanic-like people and they lose their emotional quotient. Also, it takes the precious time out of them. When I was small, I went out to friends' houses and relatives' houses and have long chats. Isn't that what real communication is?. Not only that, when they chat with their friends online they use code words and smileys like 'LOL' (Laugh Out Loud), :D ( which is a smiling smiley). So their language degrades and who knows , they could be writing the same thing in their exams. And conveniently for them facebook (I don't know about the other sites) does not have an age restriction. There is also the problem of online imposters, hackers etc; who are lurking in the cyber world. Children are innocent and they become easy prey to these people. Posting their pictures or addresses and other personal details might lead them to trouble.

Social media does not help kids in any way. Instead of wasting their time, they should go out and play like anything, throw themselves out and run and jump higher and higher. At a later age, it might not be possible to do those things even if they wanted to. They can also spend their time by learning new things such as painting, any musical instrument and excelling in it, singing, dancing because this is the age when time seems to be aplenty.

All said above is not only for kids but also applicable to the ever-bursting teenagers out there. The maximum users of facebook are undoubtedly teenagers. The thing they must remember is not to get addicted and set an example for the kids who are prone to follow their steps.

'So kids, de-activate your accounts, whatever it is, and go out and live your life'. Rock the world!

Friday, 14 September 2012


computer addiction
Ok!....When was the last time you (some people) logged out of facebook ..... hmm ..... a few minutes ago?... Oh no... you would not have logged out at all... You would have kept it open forever except at times of power shutdown. We might not even do anything at all; just refresh the page again and again to check whether any new notifications have come. Believe me, I too was like that at an earlier point of time but later realized it is an addiction and surprisingly strong time killer.

Addiction is something without which people cannot live with or something which people are so attracted (don't know the right word) to very much, such that they lose conscious of the outer world and other things.

Now-a-days I see "kids" having either tablets (not the medical ones) or high end smart phones. Their faces are glued to LED screens forever playing angry birds or "socializing" with people via internet and texting. While it does not seem to pose any serious problems in the short term, in the long term it affects the person mentally and physically. I heard somebody say many years ago, your fingers might get defected permanently due to long, continuous periods of texting in mobile phones or turning the analog of the joystick of the PS2. But I don't know if its true. Long hours in front of bright LED screens might affect the eyesight of kids at an early age. Kids, go and see the outside world.

The bottom line is anything that you get addicted is going to harm you one or the other way. Food addiction leads to obesity. The best example would be America. Statistics show that over 1/3 rd of the population of the U.S are obese while India has a mere 5% obese people. Hmm....I did not know this until I googled about this now (:P). I thought it was the other way round.                            
drug addiction

Most of us are familiar with drug addiction. We are accustomed to the slightly disturbing images of the needles, cigars, alcohol bottles, caffeine and other related drugs. By now, we might also be familiar with its terrible side-effects like lung cancer. Still, people are unperturbed by it. Guess, they have to suffer themselves to realize its pain. Instead of telling them about the side-effects, maybe we must tell them the tube of cigarette that they are smoking puts a hole in the lungs and instantly they die. If you really want to put something in your mouth take a pencil that is provided with a geometry box or a buy a cigarette key chain.

If you think about it, 'the things that we like/ that makes us happy/that gives us pleasure are the ones that harm us'.
So people, stay healthy and strong and don't get Addicted to anything!


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