Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dark or White - It is not a Difference!

I really don't know why many people have an obessession for white-coloured guys or women. Especially in India , the craziness for white is too much. People have this presumption that white is a kind of "superior or high class or dignified or attractive or pure" colour or something. Are the other colours(dark) considered dirty or something!! If that is the case I have something for those guys.There are many things which can be considered as gross in white colour. For example crow shit, phlegm(the white kind), different kinds of white fungi, the milk got from the cow's "udder" etc. Although I do not mean any of them. So what I am trying to say is it is all in our mind. It is a pre-conceived notion that we have.We must change that kind of thinking. 

In the recent years the trend has gone worse. In the begining there was the so called "fairness" cream for women only. Now there are separate fairness cream products for men too...OMG...I have even seen a few advertisements with film stars endorsing it. 

There is this popular commercial which I think most people are familiar with, wherein they show a guy hiding 
 his face behind when some beautiful girls approach  (I dont understand why the heck he is covering his face!!!) and then the actor comes and advices the guy to buy that fairness cream product, after which they show a clearly photoshop'd face and all the girls come to 
him(LOL). Really, this photoshop software is proving to be a success and many people fall for it.                                                                                                      

In a recent film that I saw, the lead actor says a one-liner in tamil "Vella figure ah rich-u girl ah paathu pesi correct-u panni kalyanam pannala......." loosely translated as "I will try to woo and marry a girl who is 'white' and 'rich' " with more stress on the words white and rich. I have another doubt that has irked me for a long time. In Hinduism, Lord Krishna was actually born dark. The Sanskrit word in its origin language Kṛṣṇa is primarily an adjective meaning "black", "dark" or "dark-blue". But till now I have seen Krishna depicted in a light sky blue colour.

People have to realise that they cannot change their skin colour , maybe they could make it shinier. I heard that the maximum  colour you can have is the colour of the skin between your knuckles. Every person has a unique skin colour. Anyways that is not the point, 'what matters is not the the external appearance but the internal appearance only'.

P.S: I thought of giving the title 'Black or White - It is not a difference' but decided not to, because that 

could mean I am a racist and secondly it is the same name as that of the Michael Jackson's song 'Black or White'....(:P)


  1. Actually this perversion to skin color is prevalent everywhere. Indians use fairness cream to become fair and the Americans use spray tan and other tanning products to become tan. Moral of the story is human beings always long for things they dont have.

  2. This concept that they show in the cream commercials is absurd! What we need to understand is that beauty and fairness are not one and the same! The way the ads show it spread a really wrong message among the people!! And more importantly it is the inner beauty or ones behavior and moral principles that matter at the end of the day! For example even in Facebook people who are fair and apparently no cute features in the face(no offense!) get hundreds n hundreds of likes. Whereas how much ever a person is good looking or good in behavior, just because of their complexion they do not get that much attention. This mindset prevails especially in India. There is nothing to be afraid of your complexion. You need not become someone else to impress others.

  3. @ the venk....Thank you for visiting my blog. What I meant was, we should be happy with what we have

  4. @ annoymous: Thank you for giving my blog a read. U are totally right....:). Particularly the thing you told about facebook is right...:)
    do visit again....!!

  5. I actually find dark guys handsome... Dark & Handsome! No offence to the white ones. Actually everyone is beautiful. Who cares if you are white, black, or even any other color. Just live a good life with a good heart!


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